Hello Speak Moroccan Forum members.

My name is Rube. I am from the midwest Northern U.S. In an attempt to prepare myself for a visit to Tangier, Morocco in February, I am going looking to learn about Moroccan culture and language.

I look forward to an exciting learning experience,

Hello Rube and welcome aboard.
February is around the corner! Are you going to Tangier for a visit? Or for business? How long are you going to stay there?
Tangier has a nice beach and a nice view on Europe ^_^, too bad it didn’t win the Expo 2012.
If you have any specefic questions about the culture, or any phrases you want translated into Moroccan Arabic for your trip, just ask away! We’ll be glad to help.
Looking forward to reading you around.


Thank you for the welcome MarocRulz and SimplyMoroccan.
I am visiting Tangier as a chiropractic student in the Palmer College of Chiropractic clinic abroad program. We will be in Tangier for approximately a week.

I have so many questions, yet I can’t seem to condense my thoughts into specific questions. I want to make sure that I understand the culture well enough so that I do not commit various acts of cultural faus paux. :slight_smile:

What should I dress like?
What are the common cultural behaviors that I should be familiar with?
I don’t want to offend anyone’s belief system. What beliefs should I be aware of?
Are there any stereotypes about Americans that I should be aware of?
What will I be expected to “just know” even though I am from a different culture?

I plan on reading as much of this as I can in books about Morocco, but I’ve always been of the belief that books don’t necessarily capture the true picture of everyday life.

I hope those questions are not too general and look forward to hearing your responses.

Thank you again for welcoming me,

I couldn’t guess from your nickname whether you’re a girl or a guy ^_^.
But let me tell you, there is no specific dressing code to respect. Tourists dress as they please, Moroccans do understand that they come from different backgrounds. And even if we are a Muslim country, not all women wear the veil for example, and you’ll notice many different kinds of dresses in the street. From the traditional long jellabas with scarves, to slim jeans with tight tops. So unlike what many people think, a female tourist doesn’t have to cover her head by respect. If you cover your head, people will believe that you’re a convert or something.
But I believe that dressing modestly (a top that is not that much revealing, not too short skirts) would be more than enough. But as I said, Moroccans do show understanding when it comes to foreigners.
If I am to advice a friend coming to Morocco for example, I’d make sure to mention a few things:

  • When you are in the market and willing to purchase something without having a Moroccan friend with you to bargain for you, then make sure that you do it yourself. Shopkeepers double the price (or even more) for tourists trying to get the maximum of money from them. Do not pay the price that you first heard. You can even fake loosing interest and attempt to leave the shop :smiley: (mom’s tips) and the seller will try to keep you by suggesting a lower price.
  • Be careful with taxi drivers. Make sure you pay what’s displayed in the counter and that the driver gets it on and running when your ride starts. (Unless if it’s another type of ride)
  • Do not miss for anything in the world tasting: Couscous, Tajine (different ones: fish, chicken, lamb, etc.), Bastila, Rfisa, Seffa, and Moroccan cookies with Moroccan mint tea. And for God’s sake, try eating tajine with your hand (fingers), eating a tajine with a fork is just wasting the whole experience!

Will you be visiting other cities by any chance?

Welcome Rube (welcome in the forum and in Morocco :))

I hope you’ll stay in contact with us when you’ll come here and even after, then we could help you in a lot of things and questions that you could ask.

As SimplyMoroccan said, here in Morocco we know that you have different culture and we understand it, so if you will come here with your friends, you can really feel free to go out, becarefull ! don’t forget the way comeback :stuck_out_tongue:

Even that I have never visited Tangier, but I am sure you will enjoy your stay.


I guess she is a girl, but who know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for all of your replies. I apologize for not specifying my sex. I am a 35 year old male. 50/50 Mexican and English decent.

I would love to keep in contact while I am visiting, however I don’t know if I should bring my laptop or not. I can’t afford to lose it. Our group is staying at the Ramada Les Almohades. Does anyone know if that is a nice place? I will definitely keep posting when I return to let those of you interested know how my experience went.

Talk to everyone soon and thank you again for the responses,

I am sorry Rube, my guessing was totally wrong what a shame :roll:

I think there is no problem for you to bring your laptop.

Hello all,
I am leaving for Morocco tomorrow! I am very excited. I have been very busy lately and unfortunately was not able to post. I will be sure to let everyone know how the trip to Tangier was. I don’t think I’m bringing my laptop because it is so heavy, but that is fine. I look forward to posting in a couple weeks.
Take care until then,

Have a nice trip Rube!

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to Morocco, Rube!

I can’t wait to hear your stories and impression about Morocco. :slight_smile:

Hello again everyone.

I loved Morocco. I loved Tangier. The people, the food, everything…it was great.

I appreciate all the tips that I was given ahead of time for my visit. I found that learning the culture was natural for me and I enjoyed it very much.


That’s great I hope i’ll visit Morocco someday too :smiley:

I wish it to you Hiba. Insh’Allah! :slight_smile:

for me it’s the final countdown, in a month to the day, I’ll be in Morocco !!! :scrm:
I’m so impatient that I don’t hold anymore in place! :smiley:

where do you do in marocco elise? :hap:

Five or six days of trekking around Azilal, then we’ll go to Meknès and Fès, during 4 or 5 days. :okay:
And after, return to Marakech to come back in France.

High-Atlas was what I prefered in Morocco. You’ll enjoy it too. People are very welcoming and you will be received like in your own family.
I don’t know Meknes and Fès… That’s for my next trip in Morocco (I know people in Meknes, I must visit them)
Marrakech, bof… Too much tourists, too much pollution, too much traders… c’est surfait, as we say in France. La perle du sud a perdu de son attrait !
You must see Jam3a lfnâ (la place des assassins) by night and cross the medina, but if I were you, I woud’nt waste more time in this city. You’ll cross Gueliz when arriving, so you’ll appreciate the constrast with the old town. Keep your time for Atlas or imperial cities. Two days in Marrakeck, tha’s enough for me…
Have a nice trip ! ( and please, stop jumping everywhere like this ! time wont go faster as far as I know ! :wink: )

Thanks a lot for yours precious advice Onc’Kamel. :slight_smile:
For Marakech, we’ll just pass one day there, before go back in France. We really want to see and to have the time to discover High Atlas and Fès for our first trip to Morocco.

Really?!? :huh:
So ok, I can try to stop but it will be very difficult for me! You know, again this same story of patience… :wink:

Thank you Elise Inshallah :slight_smile:

Inshallah you’ll have a great time there :wink: :smiley: