Hello, smitik Balencia, min USA

Aasalaam alaikom,

I am so thankful for this site. I want to meet new people, learn la darija marocain, and learn to speak fluently.

Hello to everyone:)

Hi Balencia,
I am new on the forum too but welcome anyway

PS: you should say “smiti Balencia” = My name is… instead of “smitek Balencia” = Your name is …
And that was your first lesson in the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Pakyrus,
Thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile:

Hanane, you seem to be a good teacher.
Don’t forget to teach me that too :smiley:

and good to see you here balencia… Welcome as our guest !

Shukran Dafir:)

You’re very welcome GODESS !! :slight_smile:

@Dafir hhhhhh :slight_smile:

welcome balencia!

Welcome to the forum, Balencia. We hope that you’re getting closer to your objective of speaking Darija fluently. Many of us are here to help motivated people like you, so keep asking questions and practicing!
Have fun.


In the “Adjective List in darija” section, can you please explain what the English equivalent is for the numbers within some words?

Also a suggestion, if you could consider adding a radio button icon with a native speaker pronouncing the words so that I know I’m saying it correctly. This would help greatly!

Shukran in advance:)

The transliteration is explained here.
For the audio, some pages do have it, like this one, and this one. (Our Youtube channel is over here)
We hope to have more audio coming in, as we totally depend on volunteers on this front.