hello everyone…
my names dawn (although my friends in morocco call me Aicha)ha ha!
i really would like to learn how to speak and understand moroccan arabic…i will try to explain why with out sending you all to sleep…

myself and my mum have recentlay returnd home to england from Agadir, after spending 2 weeks there, although it should of only been one!(july)
unfortunatly on the 2nd day of our stay, my mum slipped at breakfast and ended up having an operation on her leg, spending 8 days in hospital!!!
i was basically on my own, as we had only been out and about the day before…i was totally cluless, i didnt no how and where to get a taxi, i dont speak any arabic and only the basic french (really basic)!and i am so used to having lots of people around me, i was ‘thrown in at the deep end’!!!
my mum had stayed at the hotel in may, and made a few friends at the hotel, and so luckly they really looked after me and i made some great friends for life!!
They taught me some words to help me get by…and i would have been totally lost with out them!!!

so anyway to get to the point, i have never felt so ignorant, as i did when i was there, english people go on holiday and expect everyone to understand english, and yet we do not (i am not directing this at all us english) take the time to even undestand a little of there language!so i decided there and then that when i get home i was going to do something about it!!!

i would aprechiate any help you can offer me on my mission!! i am planning to go back in january and want to be able to communicate with my friends in their native language!!
they are already impressed with the words i have learnt so far…i even had a conversation in arabic over text messages yesterday haha!

shukran bezaf for reading my essay hahaha

dawn x

Welcome in the wonderful world of the Darija, Dawny ! :slight_smile:

Welcome! :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, Dawn :).
I have a feeling that I already met you somewhere, since your story sounds familiar to me. Are you in the LMA group?
In what hospital was your mom staying here in Agadir? Have I known about her, I’d have helped too. I hope that she is doing better by now.
I see that you got started learning already , since you practice over text messages. So feel free to start asking questions and doing exercises.
See you around, and more essays are welcome ;).

hello sm :^^: …my mum stayed at the poly clinic de suss in agadir!!!it was in july/august!!! maybe you did help, there were so many kind and helpfull people in agadir that helped my mum and me! it would be great if i did actually meet you in agadir!!
i am not sure what the ‘lma’ group is!
i am glad my essays are welcome…as i talk/write so much :mdr: hopefully i will write in Darija bezaf, soon :^^:

my mum is starting to recover now shukran! she has her leg cast off today!

hope to speak soon
dawny :^^:

Er… I got this as a private message too, so I thought that you didn’t want to talk about it in public :).
As it’s posted here then, let me post also my response that I sent via e-mail.

Hello Aicha :-),
I am glad your mum is doing better. And no, I don’t remember meeting you in the hospital :D. The LMA group is a darija group over yahoo, I thought I read someone tell a story similar to yours there, that’s why I was wondering. Anyways, my bad!
Feel free to write as much as you can. Be sure that many of us are out there reading everything in the forum. I am sure that you’ll get to know other nice members who are learning like you, and from whom you can learn as well.
Meet you again on the forum :-).

mar7ba bik dawny22 ! :welcome: