Hello! pls read :D


Im new here. I’m a teenager from Spain and i’m looking to learn darija because my dad is from Marrakech, but i can’t comunicate with my family. So i would be interested in doing some language exchange!
I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and i also know basic german.

Thank you! :smiley:

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What do u want to learn in darija

i want to learn basic conversation at first to be able to talk with my cousin and some friends :smiley:

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can someone translate to english pleasee:(
Ki bghiwe li iharekaha harelayen o idrab liha 9antayen sidi khal khal hhhhh

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Hye man, If you want, we can make contact later, and speak the Moroccan darija. This will definitely enable you to learn a conversation and pick up some words.

sure! thank you, write me if you want

Hhhhhh It’s just a video where a guy was talking about his Dick and calling him sidi khal khal

Yeaah for sure i just idk how i can send u a message