Hello i'm new here!

Hi everybody,salam alaykom…

I’m new member here and would like to help others learning moroccan darija,in exchange of english…it’s a plus both of the languages to learn…

waiting for your messages …feel free to ask anything you would like … c ya !

Welcome among us Joebrown. :slight_smile:

Mer7ba bik Jawad :smiley:

Hello i am english, what is your first language…im just at the very begining of learning darija, and your help would be wonderfull :^^:

Mar7ba bik Jawad ! :welcome:

Mr7ba bik m3ana, Jawad. Where are you writing from?
Your help with Darija will be much appreciated, there are so many things yet to be done. You can practice English in the forum while helping, that will be of double benefit ;).
See you around.

mer7ba bik jawad. :hap:


Mar7ba bîk Joebrown30 !