Hello! I'm new here :)


I am new to the site, and I am happy I found it because I am studying Arabic, but I am very interested in Darija and in the differences between it and Standard Arabic. I hope to learn a lot by being here.

welcome Essaouira :slight_smile:
We are happy you found it too :slight_smile:
Hope you learn a great deal here and enjoy your time while you do so
see you around.

Welcome to Speak Moroccan, Essaouira. A love story with the city? Have you been there?

You’ll notice the first difference between Darija and MSA to be in terms of vowels that are omitted in the former. If you already speak MSA, then consider yourself already armed with some good vocabulary that will serve you in Darija… with some twisting, nonetheless.

We’ll be here to answer your questions.