Hello I want to learn Darija

I have been going to Morocco for more than three decades and want to learn more of the language. I am a Secondary English teacher and I travel to Morocco 2-3 times per year.

I have been reading the posts for some time now.

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welcome!! good luck there is a lot of information here

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There certainly is! I have two children whose father is Moroccan. My son studied Arabic at University but it was not Darija. I would like to have more meaningful communication with their extended family in Rabat.

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it is a very good goal…if your sons are interested in learning their language, especially the one who took arabic at school will have an easy time to learn darija with the background that he has. yes it’s very different what he learned in school, but the bases are related. also any french that they might have had would be helpful to them. the best next step is really to just GO, spend time with his family, learn from them about his culture, take some classes while he is there. however if it is not feasible/if it is for now your interest in the language, online forums like this are the next best thing. it really does not compare though.

i give you a lot of credit for coming to find this place and a lot of encouragement in your learning-- with just a little more of this independent spirit of searching out the answers (which brought you here), you can literally teach yourself the language using the archives of this site, and asking questions. i know several members here who have done so.

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Wish I knew about this site a few years ago before I went to Morocco. I’ve have learned a bit from the month or so I’ve been around. Hope to get a chance to actually use it some day.

I am going to Morocco tomorrow. My difficulty has been that I need to see words written to learn them since I am a visual learner. Very few people in the Rabat family write in the French or English alphabet so that has been a problem. On this site, I can sort out some of the sounds indicated from the words that I know. The use of 7, 3, etc was a bit confusing until I pieced it out by comparing new words with the spelling of words that I knew by sound. In person, I have learned most by being totally immersed in the language and by listening to adults speak to children.

I am very impressed by this site and by the Darija speakers who give so much of their time to assist others. Bravo to you!

Like you, I’m a visual learner. I have found it very useful to have learnt the Arabic script.

I learnt it from this excellent book :

The Arabic Alphabet
How to read and write it
by Nicholas Awde and Putros Samano
Pub. Al Saqi Books (UK)

Thank you lise_c. I will have to find that book. I have printed out the Peace Corps text and workbook from their site.

I am an online teacher i can help you contact me

You are welcomed let’s exchange both in Darija and English

Hey Love! I’m willing to help! I ve been tutoring so many Korean expats for years in Darija. Let me know if you got time this month I ll be happy to meet up , set a calendar and goals then start from there!

hi i have many moroccan friends so i wanna learn darija

Hey man. Where are you from??! What languages do you speak??!