Hello I am Heidi

Hi everyone, I am new here and I am very interested in learning some Moroccan arabic. So far this site looks very helpful.

Hello Heidi, I am Elly and I am new too. :ok:
but anyway [color=#9b1c08][large]Welcome to SpeakMorrocan[/large][/color]. :smiley:

Welcome both to Moroccan world !!

Where are you from Elly? I am from Alberta, Canada. I live with 3 Moroccan men. I went to Morocco in March, for 3 weeks. I had a wonderful time there!

you live with 3 moroccan men? haha, you must be loyal ! :smiley:

not loyal, maybe stupid? Ha Ha just joking. I have learned alot of Moroccan culture though.!

i’m not sayin’ stupid !! :smiley:

Well if not stupid, then brave! Lol! I really enjoy it actually. I have learned alot about Moroccan culture and the food is absolutely delicious!

Thank you… i’m takin’ it as a compliment !! :slight_smile:

welcome heidi mer7aba

oops et ellyali aussi


Heidi, have you ever been in morocco ?

Yes I was in Morocco in March of this year for 3 weeks. I spent most my time in Fez but I spent some time in Casablana, Marakesh, Rabat and I did a camel trekking trip in the sahara desert.

and how you found casablanca?
i gotta know what people think about my city !! :smiley:

There was to much traffic in Casablanca! Haha! I visited the big mosque, and went to the ocean, it was really beautiful .

that’s it? only the big mosque and the ocean?? that’s unfair from a traveller :smiley:

well yeah… traffic jams, traffic jams and traffic jams. that what makes it charmin’ !! :smiley:

Yes well we only had a short time in Casablanca . I would have liked to stay longer tp do some shopping! I also want to try a shisha :wink:

shisha you can find it everywhere… don’t get mad on that !!

welllllllcome heidi