hello from US

salam 3laykum!!!
I am from the US and my husband is from Morocco. We met and live here in the US, but we both love and miss Morocco. I’ve only been once (last year) but I fell in love with the country, especially with the people. I will be returning to Morocco soon, to spend more time with his beautiful family and to volunteer in a women’s center in his hometown.
On my first visit, I found I had trouble learning the language - because Moroccan Darija is so different from English. It was frustrating, but I have been studying and I hope to improve my skills here before I return!!

Many thanks to all! I am so glad to find this site!

welcome here!

Thank you!

English and Darija are far far apart. French and English are much closer. Just keep at it and it will come to you.

welcommmmmmmme elenarose :slight_smile: