hello from alaska

Hi my name is shelly, my fiancee Bahri lives in morocco. i have been to morocco 2 times for about 5 months and i love morocco, bahri, and the family. i learn words when i am there but i want to express terms od endearment to my love, and hope anone can help me. i want to say i love you, i miss you, i want to touch you, stuff like that.

i want to impress everyone when myself and my 2 little girls go again this summer to marry.


mr7ba bik shelly !

[quote=LallaAïcha]Welcome shelly, like SimplyMoroccan has said, these words and phrases you’re looking for can be found in the translations section, but if you’re feeling a little lazy, like i always do, then here are those phrases as far as my darija capabilities go:

i love you: any of these three kanbghik/nebghik/nmoot 'alik (the a in nmoot alik is the letter 3ayn in arabic which is deep from the throat)
i miss you: twahashtek (the first h is a strong one that comes deep from your throat, not like kh though, just a strong h)
you’re valuable to me: nta 3ziz 3liya (the word nta is actually the arabic inta (you), but in darija the vowels are sometimes omitted)

Hope this helps, and good luck with the marriage! :)[/quote]

[quote= MarocRulz]Welcome shelly/ Mer7ba bik!

well there is the translation section in t his forum wheere u can ask question and we will reply ASAP! :slight_smile:
see u around! :slight_smile: