Hello Folks

Firstly thanks to SimplyMoroccan for create such a good blog and forum especially for people intrested in learning Moroccan darija.
I have some difficulties to speak to my fellow Moroccan friends as they not speak in standard arabic and it really bother me when they say Moroccan doesn’t speak like you just said.
Then I found out that I’ve been using dictionary for standard arabic and it quite different in dialect if I apply it in my conversation.
Hopefully with your help (people in this forum) could improve my communication with my Moroccan friends.

Hello hitman and welcome aboard :).
Thank you for your kind words. I am not the only creator of this website, we are a team of two. And we are always happy to see someone learning from our lessons and forum.
Moroccans do understand MSA, it’s just that we find it weird to see someone using it to communicate other than on TV ;). But knowing some MSA will certainly help you in learning Darija. Don’t you compare for example your MSA vocabulary with the one of Darija and notice so many similarities sometimes?
I wish you good luck learning Darija, and we will be glad to help you improve on SpeakMoroccan :).
See you around.

Welcome to SpeakMoroccan, hitman. I hope this website and forum assist you in your Darija learning.
Please don’t hesitate to ask any question you have about the language, culture or anything else Morocco-related.
Our forums are not restricted to Darija learners and Moroccans, we even have many sub-forums just for fun and discussing other subjects than those related to Morocco.

You’ve just missed a drawing that we had on SpeakMoroccan, but I hope you’ll be around for our next drawing.

Mr7ba bik! :slight_smile:

welcome to speak moroccan forum,hitman.


:welcome: :welcome: hitman :).