Hello everyone!

I have been a lurker for a while now on the speak moroccan site & have picked up loads of useful vocabulary to use on my trips to Morocco. A friend & I have recently started a small enterprise buying the gorgeous fabric products and selling them in the UK. Any excuse for a long week end shopping in Marrakech!

My efforts so far at speaking darija have been met with a number of interesting responses - from impressed to hilarious (think about what I was asking for when I wanted something in red…yes, a donkey!!!)

I hope my darija will improve - it is such a wonderful sounding language. I am so excited to catch up on the different topics on the forum to satisfy my withdrawal symptoms between trips.

Also, I already have a query - a friend of mine has made a comment of ‘rachel hek’ on a picture I posted on fb. Can anyone tell me what this means in English, please? (’???’ like this?)

Hope someone can help.

Thanks for reading.


Hi, Niki!