Hello everyone... labesse (sp?)

I have just signed up to learn more about the Moroccan language and culture. My husband is from morocco and I want to surprise him by learning as much as I can about his background. Also to talk to his mom who is currently learning English to speak to me. I am not familiar with how this all works, but here I am…ready to try!!!

Hello zarafa :^^:, you sure do know what does zarafa mean in Arabic, right?
Welcome aboard, I hope that you’ll get what you’re looking for in here.
What you need to do is start by reading the available lessons here, and come to ask any questions you have in the forum, we’ll be glad to help. Don’t hesitate to try to make sentences, that’s a good way to practice once you accumulate a decent amount of vocabulary.
See you around :).

[color=#7138c7]Hello there Zarafa— and welcome to the forum board… looking forward to ur postings… I been offline for time- but, i am Back… Again welcome aboard,… :ok:[/color]

Welcome Zarafa, and where have you been? Practice is the key for learning any language, so come around more often. We’ll be more than glad to assist you in your learning. :cool:

welcome zarafa between us :angel:

Mera7ba ou Mre7ba m3ana