Hello and salam

Hi and assalamu alaykum.

Just registered for the forum so I want to introduce myself. I’ve been in Morocco for nine years and have been married to a Moroccan for 16. I work from home as a freelance writer and run the Moroccan Food site for About.com. I’ve come to this forum many times via searches when my kids and husband can’t satisfy me with a translation or transliteration.

Guess that’s it…I’ll be posting and reading more when time allows.

welcome cristina :slight_smile: among us :okay:

Glad to have you with us Christine.
Hope you’ll enjoy your time over here.
See ya around the boards sis :slight_smile:

welcoooome Christine :slight_smile: nice to have you here, hope to see you around often.

Welcome Christine. I read your other post, it’s very informative.
For transliteration, we all do it differently, you just have to set your own rules and get going. For instance, you’ll find most of us Moroccans writing Chokran, because of French influences and because we learned Latin alphabet for French first, while you’ll see most English speaking people on the forum and elsewhere write Shukran. I get confused sometimes trying to make my transliteration clear.

:hi: and :welcome: Christine :slight_smile:

Hope u’ll enjoy your stay here :hap:

Hey and welcome Christine :hi:

Hi Cristine! Mar7aba bik!

Hey christine!

glad to have u among us