Hello @ all !!!

Hello my name is silke and i´m in love with a nice moroccan man.till now we just speak english because i don´t now his language yet but i try to learn. :^^: even when it will be hard :ok:
i hope to get some new friends here too…

Hello Silke, welcome to the forum :).
Where are you writing from? Did you learn some Moroccan Arabic yet, or just getting started?
I hope that you’ll be active with us, and join our members who are learning Moroccan Arabic just like you.
See you around.

hello SimplyMoroccan,
ya im writing from germany im living near düsseldorf…oh im just started i don´t know a word :no: …just l3zz and ya latif :lol: i know it will be hard but i try as good as i can…
sorry i hope my english is good enough to join you here…:neu:
see you

Your English is way better than my poor German. And l3zz ! You’re one of us now :smiley: ;).

You’ll get to know more with us, I am sure.
Here is another word for you: shukran = thanks.

oh no problem :^^: im used to write in english…ya l3zz now i know one word more :^^: i wish and hope to learn much more :ok: i try to do my very best…

shukran SimplyMoroccan

Just stick around, come often, read the courses and try to participate in the exercises and ask questions. You’ll certainly get there !

Another word? :smiley:
Bzzâf = a lot, much.
So shukran bzzâf = thanks a lot.


oha so shukran bzzâf SimplyMorrocan :wink:
ya i will do that…for sure
and i asked already :^^:

And I responded already ;).

:welcome: Silke.

nice to meet you, and i hope to see you often around.

Hi kounouz nice to meet you 2
sure i will be here often… :ok:
cause i have to learn :^^:

@ SimplyMoroccan I sent sms already :wink:

Welcome Yallah

hello GIGI nice to meet you :^^:

mar7ba bik Silke ! :welcome:

:hi: Ssalam Hiba :hi:
nice to meet you…

Mer7ba bik Silke !

Shukran bzzaf Onc´Kamel nice to meet you… :^^: