Hello all

My name is Alexandre and im from Portugal, i have 23 years old.

Im having problems with law in my country, because i had a car accident and they did a drug test and find out that i had thc (cannabis) in my blood, and because of that i have to go to jail for 3 years and ++++ more things…

:frowning: but since i never did nothing wrong in my life and im just a student with no money, i guess they will think on that… i hope so

Any way im thinking on going to Morocco for some years, any one can give tips ?

Is there any way that i can be a legal person on Morocco ?

Anything at these moment is good, so just reply with something
Nice to see these community, and that they speak many languages :slight_smile:


Hello Alex, and welcome to SpeakMoroccan forums.
What a story you have! How come you’ll be able to leave your country when you actually are supposed to go to jail?
Wait… Is this April fools? :stuck_out_tongue:

Salut SimplyMoroccan :wink:

Wow thats a big lol, 1 of April but well i wished that my real life was just a lie, a bad lie

Well now i can go out of my country, cause im still not guilty… but i will, and if they did searched my blood im :frowning: i had smoked like 2 days before the accident … but that doesnt matter cause its ilegal, and for that im … -.-’’’ but lets hope not

Any case i will start to work in 2 days, and my first or second salary will invested in a nice morocco trip with my family ^^

Peace all

Oh, sorry then… That sounded strange to me, so I thought that it was maybe a joke, you never know!
I can’t tell about the legal aspect of the thing. I can just welcome you to Morocco and offer help if you need anything regarding the language or local culture.
I noticed that you already joined our discussions, please feel home :).
See you around.


Hi Alex,
I’m really sorry for what’s happening to you. I can’t figure out how someone could go to jail only because they’ve smoke marijuana! (I’m mean, you were not high when you drove…). It is such a common thing to do here is Quebec. They would never arrest you if they find mari in your blood, and if they cought you with a little quantity of it the worse they’ll do is to give you a warning or something like this… Any, good luck!
When are you planning to go to Morroco?

OHHH. I’m sorry about what happened…hope everything goes well, good luck!!:slight_smile:

Welcome Alexandre we really wanted to see you in a better state after the story you told us, but why did you smoke and drive and you know that it’s against the law?

:welcome: to Morocco, any time :slight_smile:

Hey again, and thanks for all the help :hap:

Sorry about all these time, but now im having problems and i dont have money to have net at home, so the isp company cuted off… well its life…

About the situation that i had, meantion before i think all going fine, more or less, well at least im not gonna be arrested… i can explain it better later, when im back with net… [small]I can tell you guys that i manage to ‘cheat’ the new drug test kit that the police in my country uses to detect drugs…[/small]

devanymix, eheheh yeah my real name is Alexandre ;). . . when i had the car accident… i did not smoke any marijuana. I smoked with some friends maybe 2/3 days before the accident. So i wasnt ‘high’ and i know that its illegal to smoke, grow, etc… in almost every place on earth

But for me its just a plant. and i think its one hell of a plat, i mean it can save the planet earth from all the pollution… just have a look on these links, http://www.jackherer.com/chapters.html — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhr1n3da_50

To finish my reply, i realy want to say that these new drug test kits, that the police uses to detect drugs on the saliva are pretty wrong like… i smoked weed 1 week or 2 weeks before i had a car accident… and the the test kit detects weed… the thing is that they simply say yes or no, and in the case of yes… i guess you guys understand what happeans, speacily when a person doesnt have much money

Well we live in a world of… http://www.truecombatelite.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8949&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 :flag:

Kind Regards to all… and well when i can go to Morocco i will :okay:

Welcome back :slight_smile: