Hello All!

A big hello to everyone on this site,

My name is AbdelRahman and i live in London, England

My Father is Moroccan, from Larache and my mother is english.

i really need to learn to speak moroccan, i just wish i learnt earlier.

Inshallah i will learn well.

Anyway look forward to speaking to you all

Thala Frasek :^^:

Salam AbdelRahman. Welcome to Speak Moroccan :).
You’ll find here almost all you need to learn Darija. I hope that you’ll be hard working ;).

See you around if you have any questions.

Welcome to speakmoroccan!
hope u enjoy, feel free to ask any questions…we are here to help u :)!
see you around

mr7ba bik Abdelrahman !


3likom salam

Thalaw fraskom :ok: