Hello all Moroccans & not Moroccans !

Hey every one.

I’m Mahmood, aka M, just-m & paperbird.
22 years old, i live in Casablanca, i’m from Casa/Asilah (casaylashy) :^^:

I’m a native speaker, so i’d be happy to join & help as much as i can.

see you around :slight_smile:

Welcome again, PaperBird :). I am glad that you joined us again.

Tbarkllah 3lik, you already have an avatar, a nice siggy, and you look active. (Have I said in a past occasion :wistle:)

[quote=Paperbird]Thanks, Allah ybarek fik…yeah i’ll try to keep active :ok:

Just to make things clear, i’ve lived my whole life in Morocco, so i’m 100% Darija speaker, but i thought there’s no harm from joining here, discussing with others…etc
I figured out that there’s Tashel7it too, so maybe i can actually learn sth :^^:

since i lived between Casa & Asilah, some friends sometimes use me as a shamali-Dakhili dictionary :angel:[/quote]

[quote=Paperbird]cool ! i’ll try to be a good useful member :wink:

If anybody wanted a custom Avi or Sig, please feel free to ask me :)[/quote]

[quote=LallaAïcha]mar7ba bik paperbird, your contributions are more than welcome as SM said :smiley: We would love to have a Casawi perspective in the forum, it would be great so stay active, i assure you that we’ll be grateful :slight_smile:

See you around often, inchallah[/quote]

Thanks Admin, good job :slight_smile:

uummmm ; no ! i don’t think i heard that before :no:


hhhhhh SM, u cracked me up there xD i don’t remember you being that nice in this thread :smiley:

People, trust me, I am not editing your messages :mdr:.
I have that sentence quoted in a notification, so for my own posts, I paste in whatever there is in notifications and complete from memory. But that exact sentence was already posted a few days ago :D.

ok fair enough a lalla :stuck_out_tongue:
Lah y3wnek, not an easy task indeed

So back to topic ;).
Wellah ila mr7ba bik Paperbird. Thank you for your patience. I would be frustrated if a forum lost over 50 quality messages of mine.
Here is a star for you: *. :smiley:


Allah ybarek fikom b2 :slight_smile: like she said, its not an easy task ! so it would be rude from my side if i get frustrated instead of trying to help in the task.

as i see you did great so far, all of you the team of SM :okay:

Thanks, Paperbird :).