have no moroccan background but huge desire to lear the language!!!

lâ shukra 3alâ wâjîb - I knew this one too and this is another way to remember “3” :)))

2 Ayita: Marouane - never heard of it and I think I love it! For the girl we decided to go with Leila. And since we decided not to find out the sex of the baby until the birth we will have to be prepared with both names.

2 SimplyMoroccan: I like short version of Zak, but Zakaria in my country is one of the names that old people have:))) As for Anas - my husband has a cousin with this name, and one of his close friend’s name is Yassin.

You guys might think I’m crazy, but I like name Zidan (like soccer player’s last name). We were also considering Zinadin, Ziad, Ramin.

Zidan would be strange in Morocco. Ziad is different, but nice. Ramin is not Moroccan at all, is it Indian?

How about Adil? Badr?

Check out an extended Arabic masculine names list here, with their meanings.

Zidan would be very weird in Kazakhstan too. Thank You for the link though. The hard thing is that all the names that we really like are already taken - we have lots of Moroccans here. My husbands far relatives are names Badr and Amine - I love both of these names. Adil is my uncle’s name, can’t use it either:) I saw Ramin on the list of Islamic names and I know one guy from Azerbaijan whose name is Ramin. Ziad is nice although I’ve never met anybody in Kazakhstan with this name.

Shukran a la kulshi

You want a name that no one in the family have? That’s a tough one! We almost like have 2 of every name in the family -LOL-. When you are a big family, you come to a point where you run out of names.
How about Ilyas? That’s a pretty pretty name!

Here some more favorite masculine names of mine
Salah (Salah Eddine)
Nour (Nour Eddine)

lol… You know in my city there are a couple Moroccan families… I would say I personally know at least 5 Hicham’s.
Hicham means generous it is a nice name also.

I like Ilyas. And this is a common name in Kazakhstan too! I should ask my husband about this name:) Shukran!
I know at least 3 Hichams, 2 Mehdis, 2 Yassins, 4 Nabils, 2 Anas, 2 Samirs (that’s my husband too), 2 Soufians, 2 Adils, 2 Ashrafs, etc :slight_smile:
I know its hard to pick a name and avoid similarities. I love name Amir, but we can’t use this name because my mom’s older brother had this name and got killed about 10 years ago, in our culture we do not name the babies after the dead relatives up to 7 generations.
I will share what shocked me big time about Moroccan culture (and I know that Quran says its OK) that its OK to marry your cousins. In my culture we can’t marry anybody if we have same 7 grandparents. So if I wanted to marry someone Kazakh I would have make sure we do not have same grandpas up to the 7th generation and normally we all know by heart the names of our grandfathers. :slight_smile:

Traditions are often former to Islam.

that’s why, sometimes they can appear weird to muslims. In any case, they can sometimes be against the enseignments of our religion. For instance, i am thinking of the worship of the saints.:neu:

Asiem, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I see that you got many suggestions of names, but let me add a few more:

  • Adam
  • Youssef / Joseph
  • Youness / Jonas
  • Adil.
  • Ashraf
  • Hamza.
  • Jamal.

How about if you tell us about a letter you’d love to have the name start with, so that we suggest names for it, until there are no more, and you tell us your second favorite letter. I think it will be fun! :smiley:

Shukran, Bnita:)
I really don’t have a favorite letter, we will go with a name that we think sounds good. Thank You for suggestions!!! My husband was thinking Adam too but is seems like almost all immigrants who come to US with Arabic background are choosing this name for their sons (I’m just talking about those that we know). Although I would probably choose this name too because its so international:) I’m not the picky one, its my husband:) I read the name to him from what people have suggested and he doesn’t seem like wanting them:) Youssef is his older brother’s name and Hamza iz that brother’s son’s name:) Adil is my uncle’s name. I don’t really like name Ashraf and there are two Ashrafs that I know and none of them likes to go by his real name, one goes by Archi and the other one by Sherif:) But this is fun:) I hope that its OK to have people suggesting me the names on this forum. I already got used to this one and don’t want to start a new one just for names. I would appreciate if people could suggest typical to Moroccan people names. Like I noticed that names like Anas, Soufian and Nabil are common among Moroccans only.

No, you don’t have to open a new topic, we can keep the names discussion going on here, it’s no problem.

Thank You SimplyMoroccan!
I have a question. Why did you guys decided to start this web site? Its a great job you are doing!
yesterday we went to one of husband’s friends’ birthday party. Before more guests came there were only three men (my husband, a host and another guest), all three of them were talking in Moroccan, joking and laughing. I don’t bother my husband to translate to me every single thing because I understand that they want to hang out and enjoy Moroccan company. I was really bored though and this made me even more want to learn Darija, so next time I’ll be there with them laughing and enjoying the conversations:)

Well, we just thought it would be helpful to create a website for Moroccan Arabic :).
Start studying and ask questions when you need help, we are here to assist you.
As for the name, you’ll end up finding one. I am not sure you want traditional old names, your husband will laugh at some of these:

Thank You! Keep up the good job!

Asiem? Did the baby already arrive? Let us know about it, and about your final choice for the name, we are all curious :ok:.
I came up with other suggestions: Zuhair, Zayd, Issam and Nawfal. I love the name Nawfal.

i like these names very much, they remember me of first islamic names…:hap:

hello everyone:)
I’m still working on my Darija, but one thing that I noticed is that I understand more Moroccan now when my husband is talking to his friends:)
I still have about 5 weeks to go before the baby arrives, and we decided on the name!!!
Our little boy will be names ADNAN! Its used in Morocco, sounds easy for English-speakers, and Muslim name:) Also, my dad told me that the man who translated Qoran to my native language has a son whose name is Adnan:) So my parents love this name as well:)
what I’m going to do right now is learn the days of the week on Darija!

welcome back !

WOW Adnan Mashallah what a beautiful name :smiley: God bless him :slight_smile:

Thank You, Hiba! I hope that everyone else’s reaction to this name will be same:)

my cousins name :), congrats in advance!

Salam Asiem. It’s good to see you back, and to hear the news about the name. Adnan is indeed a beautiful name. I only know of one person named Adnan. Moroccans pronounce it mainly: 3dnan.
Good luck with learning. Update us about Adnan :).