Hana jit

Assalam alaikom,

I stumbled upon your website & thought it was a cool idea to teach the Moroccan dialect.
I’m a Moroccan living outside Morocco for about two years now, I miss home…and I have a food
blog where I have nice Moroccan & worldwide dishes. It would make my day if you visit & tell me what
you guys think :slight_smile:

Take care

Wa 3alaykom ssalâm. :slight_smile:
Mr7bâ bîk m3ânâ. I guess that you speak Darija, right?
Thanks for the link to your blog, I put it in your profile, since a member can’t post a link to their own websites since the first post. :slight_smile:
Your blog looks interesting. I particularly liked the posts on Moroccan flat bread and Kabab. Keep up the good job.
Looking forward to seeing you around.

Welcome! Yur blog looks nice, I hope you look around here and help us learn Darija.

Allah ybark fik Simply Moroccan. Allah ya wadi rani bant l Morocco :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your welcoming message & your visit to my blog. It’s my honor.

I have more Moroccan dishes in the older entries…like harira, chabakiya, msemen,

pickled lemon chicken, tanjia… all the Moroccan yummies!

Nuwarra. Thanks a lot for your visit & nice compliment. I’ll do my best to try to help :slight_smile:
Darija isn’t that difficult!

Mr7ba bkhtî! :slight_smile: Ma shft kolshi on your blog, walakin shft the broken tajine. I really feel for you, you got all my sympathy :hap:. And I really do agree with what you said about the tight relationship there is between Moroccans and Tajines :^^:. Moreover, ila ma kânsh tghmas w lkhobz, you’d not call it a meal aslan.