Greetings to all. I'm new.

Ana Zaina mn San Francisco. My background is Lebanese/Syrian. I’m learning darija slowly and not very well and am so excited about this website. I went to Morocco in March and am going back in August inchallah (I know I’m nuts!) to visit my friend. That gives me about 6 weeks to expand my pitiful darija repertoire. Mtcharfin l koul wahed.:unsure:

Mr7bâ w alf mr7bâ :). Welcome to the forum.
I first thought that you were Berber, since Zaina is used mainly among Berbers in Morocco. Do you speak Lebanese or Syrian? Can you read and write Arabic? That would help you in your Darija learning.
Where are you going to be in August? We have many members who are coming over to Morocco this summer as well.
Looking forward to reading you on the forum. :slight_smile:

Hey zaina !! keefik??
its nice to have u among us!!
Where do u live??

Mr7ba bik Zaina ! :welcome:

Mr7ba bik Zaina!

Are you interested in sharing some of your pictures of Morocco with us? We’d create a special sub-forum, only for that! :slight_smile:

:welcome: zzaina

[quote=Bnita]Mr7ba bik Zaina!

Are you interested in sharing some of your pictures of Morocco with us? We’d create a special sub-forum, only for that! :)[/quote]
Where ???

Mtcharfin Zaina

You’ll enjoy this forum, its a pretty nice place :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the warm welcome. I live near San Francisco, California. My parents only taught us the basics of Lebanese/Syrian (wein l hamman? ateini masari) and i didn’t start studying any Arabic until about 4 years ago, when i learned the alphabet and very basic fus’ha. I read like a 5 year old, a slow one. I made some Algerian friends and learned a little Algerian Darja and Kabyle Tamazight , but the books I could find were all in French, and I only had a year of high school French (before the flood). I then actually took a Moroccan Darija class in San Francisco. I have a textbook, but it was taught in Arabic script–my progress was snail-like. I have two English/Darija books now that are helpful.

My friend lives near Agadir and I’ll be spending most of my time in the south when I return in August. I have some pretty good photos of Essaouira and Taroudant, and the beaches at Agadir and Taghazout. In August I’ll fly to Casa via Amsterdam, and take the train to Marrakech then Supratours bus to Agadir, inchallah. Hope to get more photos, and I’d be happy to post them.

Again, thanks and happy to be here.:ty:

niiice!! nice to have u among us!!

You seem to be pretty familiar with long distance transportation in Morocco :D.
There are some Darija books in English as well, couldn’t you find any on Amazon? Check the ones other members purchased.

August is a very busy season for Agadir, all the local people living abroad come for their holidays, and there are a lot of tourists. This week has been even busier, with the Timitar festival.

hey zzaina, mar7ba :slight_smile:
although i’m SO late, but anyway hope your darija-learning is going well xD
you seem like a nice girl, and wow, i hope you enjoyed morocco [for the second time, lucky machallah, i’ve not been once] :stuck_out_tongue:

Zzaina :), I often notice you online ^_^, and would love to see you participate with us! You didn’t tell us about your trip to Agadir in August. How did it go?
Don’t be shy! :slight_smile: