Greetings from a Newbie

I just discovered this forum and my first reaction is Wow! I can’t believe that there actually is a forum that can help me realize one of my dreams.

I am a US citizen who visited Morocco for the first time in my life - and fell in love with the culture and the language.

As a result I decided to start studying Moroccan Arabic - on my own, because currently I don’t have the resources to actually study it in a University (or better yet, in Morocco :)).

I purchase two books that I hope will help me to accomplish that:

A Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic - by Richard S. Harrell


However, as invaluable as these books are, they cannot answer individual questions that are raised while studying. Also, these books are old and I am sure that the language has changed since then.

I am joining this forum with the hope that I can get some answers to my questions and, who knows, perhaps even reach a point where I can help others.

mrehba :slight_smile:

Yes girl, SpeakMoroccan is here to make dreams come true :D… or almost!
I am glad you found us, and I hope that you’ll not be disappointed with us at all. Keep learning, and you can count on us to answer all your Darija questions and translation requests as well. I noticed that you’re already into learning and having questions :).
See you around.


:welcome: :welcome: :slight_smile: