Greetings and Saluations

As Salaamu Alaykum

Smeeti Sara oo Ana min Amerika walakin ummi min al-Maghreeb. Bgheet Nhdar bid Darija bash ntkllem ma’a usra dyali temma. Ghad nsafer ila al-Maghreeb fes saif al-jay insha Allah.

I am so excited to see such a forum and website. I desire so much to become fluent in Moroccan Arabic. I speak a little bit but because I grew up in America - and my father is not from Morocco but an Arab - English is my first language and I have studied Modern Standard Arabic since I was young - I can only barely get by in Darija.

But I hope to change that soon. Insha Allah.

Wa alaykum assalam :slight_smile:

Mar7ba bik Sara o ma’andi maytsalek dareeja dyalek mzyana tbarklah

Welcome aboard, Sara :). As Meriem said, tbarkllah 3lik, Darija dyalk mzyana, really. And as you studied MSA, it must have been easier for you to learn Darija, right?
We hope to see you around with us, and do ask whenever you need help, we’re here for that.

llah ybarak fikum oo Ana ferhana bezzaf bash nhdr ma’akum. Bghit nsuwwlkum kateer men asilah walakeen min ba’ad insha Allah. Bghit nt’allem Darija 'al mustawa mezyaana qreeban insha Allah Ta’ala. Nhebb Darija katheeran. Shukran alif shukr yaa jama’a. Ukhtukum Sara

W 7tta 7na bghinak t-hdri Darija mzyan! And to start, allow me to give you two small remarks:

  • Use bzzaf instead of kateer or katheeran, as they are mainly MSA.
  • Use kanbghi istead of kan7bb.
    And for you not to get confused and to not get lost reading our transcribed Darija, 3 is for ? and 7 is for ? .

barakah Llah fiik 3wed Taani. Shukran Bezzaf. Ana Metshakkera.

Please, please continue to help me by correcting me. I have a few friends who never correct me and just say, “well we understand you” - but I need the pure darija - as much as possible. My friends and I watch 2m and many talkers switch between Darija and MSA during discussions but I desire to chit-chat just Darija. I speak MSA fluenty and can give lectures but I don’t won’t to rely on MSA to converse with Moroccans. I wish to talk with them in their language. Insha Allah.

Studying MSA diffinitely has helped me thus far.

I love Darija - so any suggestions on use of vocab is always welcomed and Insha Allah I am a quick-study.

Thanks for the 3 and 7.


So be sure we’ll be watching your every mistake, in sha Allah. :smiley:

Mr7ba bik m3ana a Sara, w diri b7al ila f darkoum. Open new threads, revive old ones. Whatever you heart wishes for.
We have a chit-chat thread in Darija. I think that will be useful for you.

I don’t understand why some programs on our Moroccan channels suddenly switch to speaking MSA, while it’s not the right context for it.

PS: “Ana Metshakkera” is Egyptian. In Darija we simply say shukran, but if you want extra politeness, you can say barak Allahu fik, rbbi ykhllik, Allah yr7m waldik, etc. :slight_smile:

Sounds Good! Happy New Year.

Mar7aban biki.
Koulna ntkelmou m3ak b darija w Ssif jay tklmi lina 3la safarek lmaghrib. Fès, n’est-ce pas ?

Sana sa3ida: bonne année.

Baraka Allahu fik. Darija 3ejbatnee bezzaf dak shi 3lash kanqraha kull nhar. 3ndi bezzaf d kutub walakeen ma3ndish bezzaf de l’cassettes (shara’it). Khessnee ntmerren notq dyalee bash ntkellem ma3 nas milli nuwsel lil-Maghreeb Ssif L-Jay, Insha Allah Subhanahu wa Ta3la.

Allah y3wdee. Ghad Ngul lkum kifash ijeenee sfar dyalee lMaghrib. Insha Allah. Ghad nasfer l-Fas oo Rabat oo Marrakesh kadaleek, insha Allah.

Shukran bezzaf