Go girl power! :D

This woman is soooo brave bless her :okay:…i could never do that :unsure:


haaaaahahahaha…that’s what i call a woman…a muslim woman :smiley: :hat:

damnnn, the woman kicks butt…go muslima! :smiley:

ur tellin me soooo cool :stuck_out_tongue: and not only does she attempt to kill him she goes running after him wallah so cool :okay:

ahaha, yeahh! she’s quite brave indeed (:
nobody will ever mess with her again :stuck_out_tongue:

or any muslima for that matter lol

lol mhmmm, definitely! they’ll think twice about it…

she’s turk :smiley: and the original video is titled: fort comme un turc… that’s how we rolllll

and btw ethnicity isn’t what matters, we got Muslimah power ;p

lol aicha gettin proud lol yeah i figured as much 4rm her scarf lol :wink:

nah nah not getting proud of my race, i consider myself muslim before anything else. :wink:

good girl :okay:

i’m glad that muslim woman stood up for herself against that big meanie!
makes me even more proud to be one (:

he’s poitning a gun to her head
and she tries to get him with an ax???
that’s not strong
that’s silly thinking

he’d shoot her from a distance and she was waving with an ax in his face???
am i the only one who doesn’t get it?


or even worse
a simple stick

is he really? wow, i must be blind or something :stuck_out_tongue:

but then again, why would he run?

exactly, he prob didnt have bullets coz not only did he shoot but he ran away too…so he’s a coward :S

coward indeed :hap: lol

but its something i wouldnt do lol just imagine dat happened to us i’d die! :S

i would have no idea how to react, it would be a fight or flight moment, i think i’d choose flight 'cause i’d start running outta there! :stuck_out_tongue:

i think id just faint or my legs would be glued to the ground and i would be like omg y arnt u movin?!! :blink:

oh god lol but never show them you’re weak … how that lady reacted was amazing, that dude didnt know what hit him