Go girl power! :D

seriously i dont act right id prob just scream and then god knows wat he would do stghfirullah :stuck_out_tongue: just shows that we need to carry axes with us lol

ahaha, or a brick in the purse, and all i’d have to do is just slap him in the face with my purse to knock him out lol :stuck_out_tongue:

good idea or a handy pen knife would do…stuff it in ur sock and no1 will know lol

ahahaha, good idea…anything would work, even a nicely sharpened pencil could stab someone

i vote for spray
if u dont have the right anti thieves spray???
no prob
spray them with ur perfume
the purpose is to hurt them in the eyes

yeah spray them in their eyes then kick em in THE place and then run…good plan write it down lol :wink:

lol i’ll write it on my palm with permanent marker :stuck_out_tongue:
…sometimes there is no time to look for paper!

imagine he grabs ur hand and reads everything?? better memorise it and practice it on any dudes u dnt like :cool:

good idea…i can name a couple lol

lol good luck haha :wink:

thanks…i just need to wait for one of them to make one wrong look, one wrong look and i’ll be on 'em like white on rice!! :stuck_out_tongue:

u go girl! call me if u need help :wink:

will do :hap:

he’s poitning a gun to her head
and she tries to get him with an ax???
that’s not strong
that’s silly thinking


he’d shoot her from a distance and she was waving with an ax in his face???
am i the only one who doesn’t get it?


or even worse
a simple stick
za3ma, did you expect her to keep a gun under the counter? and he actually did shoot at her, but he missed, which shows that your weapon isn’t what counts, but how u use it :wink:

yeah she should have a gun under the counter
why nott???

no ax
yes gun

if she had a gun ders more chance that he would shoot at her and kill her but the axe scared him since it was bigger sooooooooo its more of an affective tool :smiley:

yeah i agree with mini, the axe is long and scary, she obviously wouldn’t be able to aim a gun properly, i mean, he’s a GUY and he missed her, so she’d be way worse off… besides the generalisation, it’s illegal to have a gun on you, and she’s in the states and besides that, she’s running a RETAIL, not a mafia.

forget all that & look at the result,
conclusion: she kicked his sorry a$$, that’s what matters :wink:

good conclusion :okay:

agreed! :ok: