Girls in Morocco

This is not an informative topic but an interrogative one:

Does all girls in the street get teased by guys whether she is veiled or not, or only those who wear clothes that says “I want to be teased”? [mo3aksa ya3ni]

Just asking this question for nothing in particular.
Answers are of course welcomed from everyone even from those who just heard stories from their Moroccan friends or relatives :slight_smile:

well maybe girls will answer u better than me lol coz im a criminal :smiley:
anyway, i think that its the girl who decides if she wanna be teased or not ( i mean her clothes and make up ) … even though i dont like this at all , a girl is free to wear whatever she want and walk peacefully in the street …

yeah sure, but there’re sometimes who wear modern and modest cloths so would not be teased but she get, over here 4 example
so i wanted to know does this apply there or not

yeah I know u’re a clear criminal :stuck_out_tongue: and represent the minority or majority, dont know… but I’m talking in a kind of general sense…

euuuh there r always some retarded who still think that teasin in the street is the best way to get a GF …
grrrrrrrr so retartded

well yeah that would be so retarded thinking of getting a gf from the street!!

there were many topic are opened for that subject and then blaming the girl for what she wears, but what actually happens is that there became no differentiation between modest girls and other kinds, as if boys want to tease thinking that all girls are the same and they all like that!!!

duuude this is so complicated … coz sometimes i saw girls being teased … and i say well im gonna talk to this 7mar tell him leave her alone coz really she is a modest girl … then after few sec the girl is already in his car :s
so as we say in morocco : 7outa we7da katkhenez chwari

i get it,
so that’s the way over there, teasing for getting a gf whatever she looks [ya sabet ya khabet]…

la machi tal dik daraja … kaynin bnat mo7taramat , ta wa7ed makay9ereb menhom …

well i hope so…

another thing, modesty is relative, i mean there’s no specific standard bach t9ol hadi lbnt mo7tarama w hadik machi mo7tarama: my questions is what I said is right that there are different point of views or that just girls who wear niqab (or burka?) are only who are regarded as mo7taramat?

I’ve seen Moroccan guys hit on unveiled girls mostly, and some doesn’t even care if the girl is with her family.

no gigi not only girls with ni9ab r supposed to be mo7tarama … also ugly girls are so mo7taramat :smiley: JK

tafoukt , ur right but for example in my neighbourhood if someone is teasin a girl and she complains OMG its gonna be his last day … even pervs are gonna beat him :smiley:
but the problem is girls dont complain :s

did u hear about the new law ??

Pervs like you:P no jk that’s good that ppl help =)… i’ve actually seen some girls say “no” or just “go away” but some ppl doesn’t understand what “no” means

No i haven’t heard about the new law

ugly too? lolllll
i can have a good view now of the situation :s

yeah, that’s the main provocation unfortunately!!!
some guys just consider that once the girl says no or an insult so that would be the beginning of a conversation between them and thus befriending!!!

Ooooohhh…m-y…G.O.D ! exactley my kind of topics…

this needs training, so i’ll post another reply when i’m ready.

hahahahahha well if a boy teases a girl she can take him to police station and that can take him to jail or pay 20 000 Dhs
u know what is funny about this :smiley: even girls are against this law :stuck_out_tongue: ( not all of them ofcourse )

tafoukt watch this to understand the situation loooll


[quote=Paperbird]Ooooohhh…m-y…G.O.D ! exactley my kind of topics…

this needs training, so i’ll post another reply when i’m ready.[/quote]
yeah you’ll reply will really count
Thanks 7oda :slight_smile:

I hate when guys start to talk to me in the street. And really in my city it happens not so often. Just maybe if guy is drunken or if he really wants to have some talkings … I donno…
But in Moroccoooo looool No comments… it seems guys have never seen or met a girl in their life… and sometimes it not depends on what does she wear…

looooll touta… ur a special case ; ur russian lol

they always know exactly that I m russian one lol

lolll touta @ that guys seem have never seen or meet a girl in their life :D, i guess that this is universal…and yeah it doesnt depend on what she wears… so bothersome!!