Ghadi flMaghrib

Salam 3likum everybody

I live in Paris and I’ve been working with Morocco for one year.
I fell in love with this country and its people :slight_smile: As a consequence, I’m moving to lRbat in June !
To help integrate into the country, I’m trying to learn Moroccan Darija

I hope this forum will help me

Thanks in advance to everyone !

Wa 3alaykom ssalam :). Mr7ba bik AlSkander (Bienvenue à toi).
Are you French? We speak French in here too by the way.

It’s your love for the country that’s making you come to settle down in Rabat? Wow! C’est fort :).
I hope that you’ll get to learn more Darija with us, and that you won’t be shy to ask for help whenever you need it.

And here is your first correction:
Ana ghadi lelmghrib. As flmghrib means “in Morocco”.

Welcome once more, and see you around inshallah.

Salam AlSkander!

What will you be doing in Rabat?
I hope you have enough contacts there to help you settle down.

We’ll be waiting for your questions about Darija!

Salam !

:welcome: to our new guest :slight_smile: have a nice time !!

Hey Alskander!
Welcome !!
Enjoy !

a welcome from me too :slight_smile: