Game: Yes or No?

yes :smiley:

do you like studying ?:neu:

do u like jumping?

do you like popcorn ?

ohh YES!

do u like capuccino?

yesss :smiley:

do you like chocolate chip cookies ? :smiley:

luv them! you guys should try starbuck cookies

Do u like facebook-ing?

not really…

(i miss you marocrulz ki dayra??)

do you like winter?

yeaaah, theres nothing like grabbing chai or ka7wa and sitting in front of the heater with a book to read in winter.

are you a vegetarian?

Yes, but more precise I’m vegan.

Have you ever been to Paris?

No not yet.

do you like chocolate better than vanilla?


Do you like apples?

Yessss juicy red ones :smiley:

Do you like dark chocolate?

YES!!! I only eat dark chocolate, but not too dark.

Do you like snow?

(i Love dark chocolate too)

No i don’t like snow.

Do you have road rage?


Do you like this:

[youtube][/youtube] ?

not really.

do u like rai?


Do you like to dance?

I don’t want to sound dull… but what’s a ro…roa… road page?

@ Nuwwara:
I LOVE that video! Cute songie! It’s the first thing I listened to this morning, and it’s really cool! Different languages sounds really cool combined together. Some of them sounds really good!
I liked another multilingual cartoon video you posted. Thank you for sharing.

@ SM
Oh I fond more of them. If you like them I can post more of them. I had a lot of fun with these videos, I just love different languages.

Sure, feel free! You don’t have to ask before posting :).
I was checking longer versions of the Gummy Bear songs on youtube. The video works fine for you, I’ll have to test posting another video and see what’s wrong with my videos.