Game: Yes or No?

One should answer the previous question by yes or no, and ask a question for the next member to answer.

Do you like to stay at home?

yes i do. in front of my computer!:mdr:

Do you like cooking?

Yes but only things I like to eat :smiley:

Are you from Rabat ?

No, I am not :cool:.

Do you drive?

Yes I do. Vroom-Vroom :pilot:

Do you like to sing?

mmm only when im in the bathroom hahaha

Do you like to dance??

yes, but only when i’m alone! :mdr:

Have you ever been abroad?

Yes, once!

Are you married? :^^:

PS: Did you see the “have you ever” game? :wink:

No, I’m Not
Do You Have Kids???


Are you afraid of darkness?

oh yes!!!

how old are you???

i am 31 years old.
What is your favorite actor or actress?

Niahaha! Gigi and Kounouz, you just deviated from the game, which is basically about asking yes-no questions :^^:.

oppsss! sorry

do you like to play soccer?

Yes. When it’s with very young kids that are not even half tall as I am, and whom I can easily beat… :mdr:

Do you watch TV on a daily basis?

hahahah that’s mean… hahaha

no, not really i prefer to listen music and dance or be in te computer

do u exercise???

yes. i exercise with darija.

do you have a pet?

no. I:^^: dont have a boyfriend yet hahahahaha that was mean sorry !!!

Do you consider yourself as a funny person???

no i don’t. but i would like to be and to be seen as that! :mdr: :mdr: :wink:

Do you think that extraterrestrial or Aliens exist?

@ Gigi:
That was very mean indeed (:mdr:).

No, I don’t think so.

Do you like going to the cinema?