Game: Yes or No?

Yes :ok: it’s cleaner

do you like drawing ?

No, because I am not good at it. But I like to see people skilled in drawing. I am amazed to see someone hold a pencil and a sheet of paper and come out with something interesting.

Do you like holidays more than school/work?

yes because i can spent more time with my little angel…

Do you like bubble baths?

Yes :smiley: :smiley:
do you have a big family ?

no, a very little one in fact. But my little sister knows how to take the place of three or four ! :smiley:

Do you think that someone can drastically (and really) change by love?

Yes :ok:
do you like corn ?

mmmmmm! very much!
do you like cooking?

yes, I do
do u like romantic movies?

only those which take place in another age or place. :slight_smile:

Do you like “UV cabins”? (I don’t know how it called in english, these terrible tubes where you can tan
just with artificial light…)

I don’t know cause I have never been in. But I’d like to try. That must be fun.

What is your dream?

You’re supposed to ask a yes or no question ;).

Do you play table tennis (ping pong) ? I love it :smiley:

no, for me no pingpong

Do you go to bed before midnight?

Assalamu alaikum

Yes. I go to bed around 2300 - 2300, however, I usually get up about 0300.

Do you enjoy your job?

No!!! My job is weird

Have you ever sucked on a Helium Ballon??? (You should its funny)

No, but I laughed my head out at people doing it on TV.

Do you rely too much on the Internet?

Yes… I had a major strop recently when i have no internet connection at home… tried to call company but as usual i got the customer friednly assistant…NOT

Do you like horses??

yea i do! :smiley:
do u like tanning?

Yes …when i dont burn!!! lol

Do you like to have fun, fun fun?

yes :smiley:

do you like studying ?:neu: