Game: Yes or No?

yes, i love going to the cinema

do you like scary movies???

Yep :ok:. But I don’t like it when I watch with the thought that it’s all fake, it ruins the suspense :blink:.

Are you scared of heights?

NO!! :slight_smile:

did u ever drown in a swimming pool?


Have you ever ridden a motorcycle on your own?

did u ever drink coke mixed with sprite? lol

No but once I drank milk+coke+orange juice but it tasted like :yuck:

Have you ever “argaltu” lol I can’t find the word in english but it’s shayyashtu in egyptian dialect :lol:

Oh no, never!

Have YOU ever tried shisha?

yes thanks for correcting :wink:

but no of course I never tried it but lots of people I know do…

Have you ever attended a football match?

I wasn’t correcting you, I was asking you the same question :D.
You didn’t ask the next question. Let me do: Do you want to try sheesha?

Yes sorry I fixed it :smiley:

Well I don’t actually “want” to try it but I wanna know what makes people like it so much :lol:

lol, ur funny :smiley:

Maybe I’m just silly :lol:

Do you like shopping ?

Yes, of course!

Are you workaholic?


Do you read a lot ?

yes I Do

Do you like green tea?

yes I do,

Do you live on your own?

No, I live with my family.

Are you good in quick mental calculations?

not really, i need to be really concentrate for that…:hm:

do you know what FLAN is?

YA and it tastes really good :smiley:

do u miss high school friends?

yes a lot
do you believe in ghost?