Game: What is this called in Darija?

I feel like starting a new game.

I will be posting photos of objects, and you should try to figure out what they are called in Darija.

Bismillah, bdina…
(Let’s start, in the name of God…)

What is this thing called in Moroccan Darija?

Give it a try.

khayma = tent
khiyam = tents

mukhayam = camping
khiyym = to camp

Hm. Nice game. Let me give it a try. Take a look at the picture below. What’s going on?

Note: they’re using brown paint not white. oef!

Great image, Maarten ! I’ll have a go at a simple description :

S-Sabagha kaySbghu dar kbira / bni kbir, kayst3mlu Sgha qhwia.

(the painters are painting a big house / big building, they are using brown paint)

I’ll add :

3ndu khdma kbira ! (they have a big job)

@ Darija-Lover - Thanks for starting this exercise / game = shukran 3la tbda (tbdi ??) had t-tmrin / l-l3ba

Someone please correct my darija - thanks = shi waHed SHHeH darija dyali, 3fak - shukran

just a correction. It should be 3ndhom khdma kbira.

oh yes - thanks, Boo_Rayyan

3ndhom = they have
3ndu = he has

fashion statement or fanatic supporter? Can you describe what’s happening here?

shukran, maarten

Here’s my ‘broken darija’ attempt at a description :

juj rjal lbsin 7wayej b7al klb (two men wearing - and since I don’t know the word for ‘costume’, I’ll say : clothes like a dog)

huma galsin f shelyat zrq (they are sitting on blue chairs)

Native darija speakers - please correct, shukran ???

and u pretend that u have a broken darija
good translation
some mistakes yeaaaah
but not it is not serious
darija is just a dialect not a language . so this kind of errors should be excusable
the last translated sentence

they are sitting on blue chairs
houma galsin f krasa zarqin

u should use the pluriel in the adjectif “zreq”. it’s zerqin"

Thanks, Jungfer.

Yes, I know about the rule that the adjective has to match the noun in gender and number, but in this case I wasn’t sure what the plural was, so thanks for that.

I take it that ‘krasa’ is plural of ‘kursi’. I’m a bit confused about when to use shelya and when to use kursi.
Do the words denote a different kind of chair ? and are there differences in usage in different regions of Morocco (as is the case with many words) ?

WOW lise_c, i see some darija skills happening right there :smiley: bravo 3lik akhty!! keep it up

u welcome lise_c
about the chair I’m not sure if “shelya” exist in darija or not. because there are many dialects in morroco and I don’t know them all
but the most useful and correct and famous also is “kursi”
u can use it always

I’m trying to post an image here. I’m not sure if it is going to work.

IT DID !! WOW !! I DID IT !!! I’m impressed with myself ! I’m not usually very good with computers and I’ve tried to do this before without success. At long last I managed ! But why is the image so huge ?!

Anyway, who wants to describe the picture ? (I took it at the Central Market in Casa)

GREAT GREAT GREAT PIC lise_c, the problem lies with me not having sufficient darija skills to explain what’s going on though unfortunately :frowning:

how would i say “the guy on the right is looking at us” ?

ok lallaAicha
“the guy on the right is looking at us” should be in darija :" rajel lli 3la limen kaychouf fina"
really a big and complicated pic to describe
we have to mention everything :huh:

thanks Jungfer!! i was going to say rrajel llimen shouf lina and i know that would be completely wrong!

no.not wompletely
it is a try
and a nice try
you’ll overcame this small prb with time

rrajel llimen shouf lina
ok rrajel: man
llimen : right
good. but u neglected the " on the" in this example will be in darija "lli 3la"but this is not a metaphrase. it comes from the context

also about “shouf lina”
u have to add “kay” before " shouf" it will be “kayshouf” according to a continuous action
“lina” means for us. and here we nead “fina”: at us
and the correct sentence will be"rrajel lli 3la limen kayshouf fina"

I know . I’m not good as a teacher :no:

siiiiii that was a great explanation!!! ma3ndi mansalek :wink: