Game 3 - Word Association Game

For English speakers. The game if self-explanatory.
Please provide the translation of your Darija words.

ssmâ (the sky) >>> nnjôm (stars)

nnjom - tamtil (acting)

Tmtîl (acting) >>> Msra7 (theater)

Msra7 (theater) >>> momâttîl (actor) (although I guess its MSA)

mômtîl (actor) —> aflâm (movies)

Aflâm (movies) >>> DVDiyât :smiley: (DVDs)

DVDiyât >>>> cinéma f dâr :smiley:

Cinéma f ddâr (Cinema at home) >>>> SSdâ3 (noise)

SSdâ3 >>>> môsiqa 3âsriyya! :ok:

mosîqâ 3Sriyya (modern music) >>> Fnaire.

Fnaire > yed el henna (henna)

yed el henna (main (tatouée) au henné?) >>> 3id (fête)

What is “fnaire” please, I didn’t find the meaning of that word.

It’s a band’s name. A Moroccan hip hop band, and Yedd El Henna is the title of their album. It’s worth discovering.

3id > Ramadan

It’s a Moroccan hip hop band I think

I only knew about them recently :wink:

lol ok, so I’m going to search more about this hip hop band. It’s the first time I hear that name. :wink:

You don’t have to go too far ;). You can check out Yedd El Henna right here.

thank you SM, ghadi voir ça! :wink:

Ghâdî nmshî nshôf :wink: [I’ll go see]

RmDân (Ramadan) >>> SSyâm (fasting)

lol, ok: Ghâdî nmshî nshôf. Shokran! :slight_smile:
SSyâm >>> Sadaqa (charité)

Sadaqâ >>>> 7assanât :okay: