FOULEK RABCO.... anyone?

This is a group of maghrebin guys in france who make funny videos… this one is about Ramadan and it’s in french with some darija words here and there, so it will help you with your learning… i hope :slight_smile:


Nice video. Some parts are very funny.
Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

What does foulek rabco means by the way? Asks a native speaker… :huh:

Glad you liked it. After watching many other videos of theirs i noticed this one isn’t AS funny as the rest. Anyway i found that Foulek Rabco is the shortened version of Foulek Rabzouz Connection

Foulek = Fou - crazy (i think the lek suffix is just an addition to “arabize” it, also i suppose it is verlan perhaps) - not 100% sure though
Rabzouz = verlan for “arabes
Connection = Connection

Hahah thanx LA, it looks funny im going to watch it later. I luv the way he screams in the beginning, it’s hilarious hahaha :smiley:

Hahaha Tafoukt, i love how he screams too, and also breaks his fast with “bismillah” haha :smiley: i love this guy, i think he’s the funniest of them all. Anyway, you should definitely watch it

I watched it :slight_smile: yes you’re right, he’s the only one who made the the whole thing funny xD but i liked it, thanks or should i say merci :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, they have many more videos on youtube if you wanna watch them, just type in “Foulek Rabco”, i love the songs they put in their videos… RainB is so awesome :smiley:

LOL omg I love this! :smiley: Eventhough I dont understand a word in French u can get the gist of it :okay: haha they sooooo remind me of my fam back home LOL :ok:

Hehe most are Algerian anyway, just 1 or 2 are Moroccan, the one i fancy is Algerian though :stuck_out_tongue:

This is their newest vid, it’s the EID episode… btw does anyone know the expression that is constantly used in the video, it’s something with “shaytan” in it, couldn’t figure out what the whole thing is though… if anyone knows pleaaaase drop it here :smiley:


LOL yeah I figured as much that they where Algerian, esp the one who wore a T shirt with the Alg flag was kinda obvious :slight_smile:

Yeah, Algerians and Moroccans, best combination for a comedy show :smiley:

haha so true :smiley: Wish I could understand French though :hm:

Lol i don’t understand everyhting they say either coz my french isn’t perfect, nowhere near it actually, so we’re in the same boat… you get the gist of it anyway, and some words are in darija so you get the idea =)

opens lid Allallalllalllaaaah… bismillaaah… xD

LOL I know they’re soooooooooooo funny!!! btw as for the expression with Shay6an u asked about I think they say “Ma3a-Shay6an” (ma3a’shi6an) meaning that you are with Shay6an when doin sumin bad :smiley:

OOOOH thanks, i heard the m3a too but i thought maybe it was a long-ish expression, merci akhty :wink:

I’ll post their new videos in this thread inchallah, when they make them of course.

Exacly :smiley: (I don’t know french either, just some words)…they should speak more darija =P
gotta check out the other vids too

I promised i’ll post more vids when they make some

plzzzz girls check out the face Bebel does at 0:44, haaaahaha


Hahaha it looks like he’s posing with his lips lol, but it’s a cute face tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: