Favorite Moroccan Meal - Repas marocain favori

This is for those of you who have already tasted Moroccan meals and goodies. What do you like most?
I am not sure yet about what’s on the top of my list, but I do love rfisa!

C’est une question adressée à ceux parmi vous qui ont déjà eu le plaisir de goûter à des plats marocains. Lequel aimez-vou le plus?
Pour moi, je dirais bien que c’est rfisa, miam miam!

this is hard question to answer- I loved all the food i had in Morocco- i don’t know the name of the foods that i had- i just ate it and it was all yummy :okay:

i loved the stuff chicken-- and then there was the chicken that was cooked in the pressure cooker pot-it had some potatoes and rasins and other stuff- it was so awesome… I liked the Coucous ( i think i spelled that right)

I have to say that Moroccan have the best foods as well as deserts… I really learned alot in watching how the food was prepared…

I love mlwi!

I love all the salads: z3louk, the one with the green peppers, the one with the green beens. Of course, I’m always happy to go to a wedding because they will serve bastella and the delicious “houli” (sheep) grilled just with salt and pepper on the side! Mmmmm! Anyone getting married soon? :angel:


Anyone accept some guest for tasting all kind of moroccan food :slight_smile:

I will clean up the house and backyard in exchange :smiley:

In my region, we do not serve bstila in wedding parties, nor grilled sheep that way. We serve sffa for example :okay:.

Just pay for your plane ticket, and you’ll be most welcome to taste the food :^^:.

for me, whenever I go home I come back with loads of spices so I can use them here… my favorite is “Bayssara” with olive oil, cumin served in a bowl. all other food doesn’t taste the same as back home.

[color=#55BA45]Plusieurs plats en vue.
Les appellations varient du nord au sud et que les leçons proposées en darija leur consacreront peut être de petites lignes.
Parmi ces plats que je préfère: “kabab maghdour” , “trid” , …

i like couscous :okay: …i have prepared it for the first time last Friday :angel: and the result were very good hamdolilah :hap:

Don’t forget to share with us any other recipes you try. You do cook often, don’t you? :wink:

And by the way, tbarkllah 3lik for kskso, I still didn’t try :unsure:.

[color=#e21d30]Am missin the couscous…[/color]

My favorites are definitely tajines and msemmen… Bnîn !..

han avec tout ça vous me donnez faim, qui m’invite chez lui ??? :smiley:

Mer7ba lfetour, mer7ba fkoul waket.

mlwi! How do I make it? I’m learning slowly to cook Moroccan. I’ve made harira and chorba and hobs.

This is a really tough question, but I would have to say – mechoui (roast lamb). Not only for the taste but also for the fact that it is eaten on festive occasions in good company. Close seconds would be chicken with lemon and olives, harira, and bstilla. Really, one could go on all day about all of the good things there are to eat in Morocco!

I love everything that I tried, particularly harira and Kefta tagine. In Casablanca, I had fresh fried fish and fresh salad and it is unforgettable!

Oh, I also simply love bastilla…

and I love this dessert too…is it called shebakkia?

Heryanti, something wrong with your links? :hap:
Did you use imageshack’ url for forums?

[quote=SimplyMoroccan]Heryanti, something wrong with your links? :hap:
Did you use imageshack’ url for forums?[/quote]
The link didn’t work…I’ve amended it…hope it works now :slight_smile:

Yes, they do work now.
And your second picture is no shbbakiyya! I can’t even tell what’s that. Looks like sellou, but we don’t eat it with a fork and a knife. How is it inside? I doubt that it’s bstila. Does it have any mean of seafood inside?