Famous Moroccans

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6. Samira Said

She’s a popular Moroccan singer known through out the Arab world, eventhough she sings in Egyptian and is living there currently :smiley:

LOL which one? I think he’s generally good looking and the only one I really like out of the limited amount of Moroccan singers I know lol

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7. H-Kayne

H-Kayne has emerged on the contemporary music scene as “hip hop made in Morocco”. Adil (Sif Elssan), Azzedine (Ter Hor), Hatim (HB2) and Othman, the MCs of H-Kayne, are four boys who grew up on the same street in Meknès and found inspiration in rap, scratching, and dee-jaying.

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8. RedOne

RedOne (real name Nadir Khayat) is a Moroccan-Swedish (he grew up in Morocco and then moved to Sweden when he was 19) music producer/song writter and have written and produced music to many artists such as Lady GaGa, Sean Kingston, Akon, Christina Milian, Kat DeLuna … He’s signed to Akon’s label Konvict Muzik, and together with Akon they started RedOne Konvict.

Interview with RedOne

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FNAÏRE is a Moroccan Trio natively from Marrakech (Morocco’s Southern Pearl). The group is composed of MC ACHRAF (author & rapper), Mc KHALIFA (also author & rapper) and MOUHSSINE (author, composer)

…did i mention that they’re AWESOME?

I love their beats, because firstly they made a song for me “Lalla AIcha” hhh i wish. It’s for 3icha kondesha, shouldn’t make me feel special… but anyway, they have great tracks that touch upon many interesting issues and a lot of culture/religion related stuff… unlike the usual losers who sing only about clubs, drinking up and hash…

The one at the back, Llah yer7amo, he passed away… and the one on the right is my future husband inshaaaAllah :stuck_out_tongue:

Yassine Rami from “Sans Limites”
I’m starting to really like this guy, he has a sweet soft voice and he has good lyrics too… There’s something about him, he has so much charisma machaAllah… anyway he’s the one on the left that needs some more facial hair… check his stuff out on youtube

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Achraf Tadili

born July 8, 1980, is a Canadian athlete competing over 800 metres. He was born in Casablanca, Morocco.

Gad El Maleh

Gad Elmaleh (born April 19, 1971) is a Moroccan stand up comedian and actor.

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