Exercise 11 - Practice Arabic Reading (MSA)

For those of you who are learning the alphabet and feel like practicing their reading skills, here is a simple exercise.
Every time I’ll write one single word in Arabic, in order to keep it simple for a start. You’ll need to transcribe it in latin letters. All words are in MSA, we can give the Darija equivalents on the go if you like.

Here is a reminder about the transcription way I usually use:
7 is for ?
3 is for ?
2 for the hamza.
And when I put î, ô, or â, that means that there is madd. Meaning that it’s long ee, oo and aa.

Bâbâ (Daddy).

3ammî (my uncle, father’s brother).

7imârun (a donkey).

Mâ2idatun (a table).

Alright, here we go:


PS: I can’t make the writings go any bigger. Just copy and paste them into your Word document or gmail draft, and make the size bigger.

Salaam !

For a hint (at least works with Firefox). If you press CTRL and you scroll mouse wheel down, it makes bigger text (wheel up - smaller).
It is temporary, so It doesnt stay next time you read it.


And for those with a touchpad, it’s rather: CTRL + (+) to enlarge the text, and CTRL + (-) to minimize it.
Thanks for the tip Ales :).

Sorry, I tried to make it bigger, but it didn’t work here, like I know that.

The Arabic writing is still too small for you? And none of the tips I suggested work? Not even the hassle of pasting the word into your Ms word?

The writing on my computer is always very small, but here I know what there is written. So don’t bother. I just wanted to help others.

Oh, I thought that you were trying to work on this exercise as well.

No, I can read and write in Arabic.

??? - Hikâya

But what does it mean?

[quote=Xsara]??? - Hikâya

But what does it mean?[/quote]
means Story

If anyone wants to practice “reading”, the exercise is going on.


mstshfy -

Same problem as always: I can’t figure out what it means…


???(mostashfa) = Hospital

@ Xsara
That’s an long a at the End because it’s missing the dots under it. But unfortunately sometimes the dots are never written.

Mastashfa = ?

chezyas look at post #13 loubnaybtissam already said that it means hospital.

Xsara, remember that there are more vowels in MSA than in Darija.


To the more vowels in MSA: Every syllable has to have a vowel in it. With a long vowel only open syllables are allowed and with a short vowel open and closed syllables are allowed. It’s also not permitted to have a consonant without a vowel before and after it. The first letter in a word is either a vowel or a consonant with a vowel.

3nuln, I have the same problem as Xsara, I don’t know what it means

There are again the vowls missing, that’s the problem with reading Arabic, if you don’t know a word it’s hard to read it. It should be 3uwân, that’s also used in Darija.

@ Marilyn
It’s not a lam but an alif because lam would have been linked to the next letter. And alif is not linked to the next letter. There you can see the reason, why there are those letter that are not linked to the next letter, so that you don’t get confused.