Exercise 10 - What does this mean?

I’ll be the monitor of this exercise. I’ll write something in Darija, and YOU should be telling me what it means. You can translate the sentence exactly if you understand it completely, or try to guess for the bits that you know of the words.
Let’s start:

Ana mrida shwiyya, fiyya sskhana.

“I am a little sick, I have a fever.”

I remember these words from when I actually was sick in Morocco. That was quite an experience… but it didn’t scare me away, and I couldn’t have made it without the help of so many people there. :slight_smile:

Very good :). I suppose that you can prunounce that correctly as well.

Next one:
Ghadi nmshi m3a sa7bti lssôq.

I’m going to the suq with my friend

Shukran 3la the exercice !

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You’re welcome lisec :).
And your answer’s correct. And it’s a female friend, to be more precise.

Next one:
Ma bghitsh lqhwa, ma kanshrbhash.

I don’t want coffee, I don’t drink it (coffee).

Re. female friend. How do you tell it’s female in this case : ‘saHb’ ?

Shukran 3la lmusa3da dyalk (Thank you for you help)
I want to put a happy smilie face here, but I can’t work out how to do it !!!
bghit ndir (?) smilie Hna, blHkh maimkinsh …(???)

I should start putting hard stuff for advanced people like yourself :).

Very good! Correct answer.

You can tell it’s feminine from the t, sa7bti. A male friend would be: sa7bi.

While you’re writing a reply, look up at the barre you have above this text zone, and you’ll see a smiley. Click on it and you’ll see the list of available smilies.
Otherwise : ) without spaces turns into :), and ; ) into ;), and so on.

bghit ndir (?) smilie Hna, blHkh maimkinsh …(???)[/quote
I guess you meant bl7qq. Isn’t it a bit difficult to say? :slight_smile:

Next sentence:
3ndi tlata d lkhwatat, w jôj khôt.

blati - (Is that right for ‘hang on a minute’ ?)
I have to think about the sister and brother bit. Although it’s basic vocab, I still have problems with it.
I think sister = akht, brother = okh (??)
So I guess the translation is ‘I have 3 sisters and two brothers’ ?
Et moi, 3ndi w7da akht, w w7ed okh.
Re. feminine of s7b, I realise I got confused, reading the ‘ti’ as ‘your’, but of coure it is ‘i’ mine.
Is (female) friend : s7ba ? with the ‘a’ turning into a ‘t’ before the possessive ending ‘i’ ? Plural : s7bat ?
Shukran 3la lmusa3ada dyalek / thank you for your help.

Yes, bllati, with some stress on L.

You have the vowels confusion syndrom :D.
It’s okht for sister, and akh for brother, and that’s MSA but we say them the same way in Darija.

Correct. (Not a statement, just an example :wink: )

Correction: 3ndi wa7d l2okht, w wa7d l2akh. But it sounds too MSA to say akh and okht, so we say:
3ndi wa7d khti w wa7d khoya.
You’ll sure notice that we say wa7d + feminine, not wa7da + feminine. Rules!

Yes, sa7ba and s7abat.

Good job lisec :).

Next sentence:
Shft wa7d ssrwal zwin. 3jbni w shrito.

I saw some nice/beautiful trousers. (singular in darija)
I liked them (it) and bought them (it).

shukran 3la lmusa3da dyalek ! :slight_smile: (still can’t get the cheery yellow smile !?)
Sorry to be ‘hogging’ this exercise ! But it’s really useful for me. However, I’ll be back at work next week, so won’t have so much time - unfortunately…

Yeah I like this exercise. Just reading it helps.

btw SM I just emailed you, I hope it doesn’t get dropped in your spam folder…

Come on lisec, you’re not hogging it :).

And very good for the answer. I liked the (it) part, smart hint to show that you’re aware it’s singular. And we can see your smilie! Yuppie!
And hope to see you around dispite work responsibilities :hap:.

You attempt again to translate a sentence :).
E-mail received, will write to you soon!

Next sentence:
Salît lktâb lli knt kanqrâh, w bdit wâ7d jdîd.


I finished the book that I was reading, and… I wanted I new one…


That’s my best guess without trying to look anything up. I hope it’s at least close. :slight_smile:

Very close indeed, well done :). There is only one mistake, about the verb “bdît” which means “I started”. I wanted is bghît. You got a star for the good answer ;).

Next sentence:
Mshît l cinéma m3a Widad, w lakin lfilm kân 3yyân bzzâf.

Ashmen film tfrrejti fih? lol now I am making it a conversation, try to translate them both, well if you like :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to the cinema with Widad, but the film was very boring.

I’m guessing ‘boring’ from context and because it sounds like the word for ‘tired’ ?

btw I was confused when I first saw ‘lakin’ - I thought “I don’t know that word”, but the confusion was clarified when I read the sentence aloud to myself !

thanks again for your help, SM - shukran 3la lmusa3ada dyalek ( how do you say ‘again’ )

Also thanks to devanymix for your question - kadalek shukran, devanymix, 3la lsual (??) dyalek.

Talking of films, occationally we get Moroccan films on our multicultural television channel here in Australia (for which my Moroccan son-in-law translates subtitles). Many years ago (before my son-in-law came to Australia) I made a video of the film “Badis” , unfortunately shortly after, there was a break-in in my other daughter’s flat, where the video was at the time, and it was stolen along with other items.
(I hope the thief found the film interesting !) I often think of the film and would like to see it again.
Has anyone seen it ? Does anyone know if it is available on video or DVD ?

You know, those are examples for the exercise, not real statements ;).


Good! But for 3iyyân, which indeed means tired, you can use it to mean: ugly, boring, old fashioned… All negative!
You can say: “shrit srwâl 3iyyân” = I bought ugly/uninteresting/old fashioned trousers.
So you mainly got the point.

Again is 3awttani. [Contraction of 3awd(repeat) and tani(again/one more time).]

Instead of kadalek, that is MSA, you can say: 7tta ntiyya/nti = you too.
And s is a solar letter, so it’s: 3la sso2al dyalk.

I do not know Badis :hap:, I googled it but I never watched this movie :).
And :D, what if the thief finds the movie interesting and appreciates your talent and feels like breaking in again to get more of those? :smiley:

Now, the next sentence will be Meriem’s:
F ashmn film tfrrjti?

F ashmn film tfrrjti? = what film did you watch? :slight_smile:

What about :

tfrrjt lbare7 f film missri.

Yesterday I watched an Egyptian film. (?)

lbare7 knt mshghul bezzaf. (correct sentence ?)