English to Darija Exercises

Hello everyone!
I have a weak spot in my progressive learning of darija which is translating english to darija.
And i’m sure some of you people out there have the same problem.

  • I make lots of mistakes in writing darija so there’s something for some of us to work on.

Pretty much one person writes a sentence in english and then someone has to write the sentence in darija…
then whoever gets it right gives the next sentence :slight_smile:

I’ll start out with a simple sentence:
What did you make for dinner?

ach teyebti l3cha OR ach wejedti l3cha

where did u put the keys ?

fin drti lsarout

did you wash the dishes?

fin derti sarout ( sarout without L ) pay attention to this lol we have a member who hates this kinda mistakes :smiley: ur lucky she is not here :stuck_out_tongue: btw i miss her :’( douuuuuudi come back plz

wach ghselti tbassel ?

what is ur favourite beach is morocco ?

thanks for pointing that out, i wasn’t sure whether to put it there or not.
i’m not so hot when it comes to writing out what i say lol

i’m not sure how to put this one together
i know a7sn means favorite and ba7r means beach

ash ala7sn ba7r fa almghrab lik?

eh :hm:

try again :wink:

start with chno howa …

chno howa ala7sn ba7r fa almghrab?

is that it or do i still have something wrong with it??

what u said is : what is the best beach in morocco ? :no: that wasnt my sentence 7ram 3lik :hm:

achmn ba7r fmaghreb lba7r preferé dialk?

2/10 yak?

p.s: good idea this thread, good stuff mimi :okay:

good LA but u used b7ar twice … evite la repitition stp
try again

chnu howa b7ar la7sen dyalk fe lMegrib? :hap:

try again mari :slight_smile: ur close

chno howa ala7sn ba7r fa almghrib lik? :huh:

thanks lalla, i just figured we needed it :hap:

lol ok maybe i must give the solution to go on with this game :slight_smile:
ofcourse there many ways to say ‘’ whats ur favourite beach in morocco ‘’ in darija :
dunno why u used a7san while we dont have the word better in the sentence … this is why it was complicated for u to find the equivalence
u can say : chno howa afdal b7ar 3ndk flmeghrib
or chno howa a7san b7er 3ndk fl meghrib ( and not LIK its 3ndk )
if u wanna use lik u may say : bennesba lik chno howa a7san b7er fl meghrib … but this is not 100% correcte since its not obligatory that u like the best beach in morocco … u may like just a regular one

argh, my lack of a vocabulary screwed me over :hm:
i definitely didn’t think of “afdal” until you said it, then i was like DOH! a palm to face moment… :stuck_out_tongue:

hahhahaha now im sure u wont forget it :wink:

another sentence :

i feel so happy when i dont find lalla aisha in the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

kn fra7 min manlqch lalla aisha fl forum

((i think it’s about right, but it most likely has a few spelling errors))

yeah its correct :wink:
but lets correcte the spellin :smiley: : kan fre7 mli manl9ach LA fl forum

gah :hm: gotta work on that…
but at least i got it right :smiley:

go mow the lawn, it has grown a lot

sir tmow llawn… wella twiil bzzef

BAD BAD TRY, I KNOW… sm7ou liya