Disponible pour vous aider // Ready to help you guys

Hey everyone,
I’m a young girl who lives in Morocco and I’m here to help you guys. If you have any questions about Morocco or Darija, just ask me. I’ll be glad to answer to your questions. =D

I speak english and french.

I love my country very much. It would be my pleasure to share with you my culture.

Bye =)

Sounds great! I’m glad to have you here :slight_smile:

And I’m glad to be here. =P

Welcome to the forum !!

May i ask u where in Morocco do u live ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you
I live in Salé. It’s a city near to Rabat. =)

Ziyan! Drove thru Sale alot when I was in Rabat. Never had occasion to visit sadly. Welcome to the site.

ah Salé … i know it, thanks! haha idk why but i was imaginin ur from Rabat :wink:

Must be the accent :slight_smile:

Thank you Sahir
Are u guys moroccan ?

Oh Salé, I have relatives there :smiley:

I’m not. A long time (20+yrs) student of Arabic and had the pleasure of living in Rabat
for about 8 months in 2006. Had no idea I had to learn French to even begin to learn darija!

Good for you. You learnt french and darija. Were u working as an english teacher here in rabat ?

Now that would have been a grand idea. Shame I never thought of that. Was doing software development stuff when I was there. Nowhere near as exciting as teaching English.

My French still stinks, but I understand large parts of what I read and hear. Just don’t speak so much. Now fus7a I can speak all day. In English we could say “until the cows come home”!

Fus7a is a bit difficult, even for us.
Can u write in arabic ? I mean letters, essays …

wa naaaaaaaaaaaayda tberguig 3ndkom hna

Yak be3da =D

rejlik skhouna lol

Loooool, awwal marra kansme3 had nwita. Maytsalekch (h)

tanti raki 7adra nadra

tla9itou ghir ntouma, tne9ni9a kadour… que dieu vous pardonne chers amis !! :smiley:

wellah’ta l’mgharba ta mstylyine f’koulchi : l’accent, the way how they think, lebss et tout… vive le maroc et 3acha l’malik