did you know????

say something interesting and useful. the next person will say if they already know the info or not, and add another info…

Did you know that when you sleep at night you shed skin cells and that these become food for dust mites, and therefore you need to change bed sheets often?

I didn’t know that :no: good one :okay:

Did you know that after you sleep your brain keeps working/thinking ? i.e. if you’re solving maths exercise & were bored & fell asleep, your mind keeps analysing it though you’re not awake.

yup knew that lol

Did you know that every 10 seconds someone dies of AIDS :blink:

Nope, didn’t know :blink:

Did you know that your name could be written this way:

01001101 0100001 01001000 01001101 01001110 01010101 01000100 = MAHMOUD

or in other words, the computer reads it that way :ok:

did you know that the average person swalows 14 insects per year while sleeping?

@paper yes

i am an exeption
i sleep with closed mouth and ears and eyes

did u know that
Air becomes liquid

yes i did know air becomes liquid.

did you know that your foot is the same length as your forearm? (wrist to elbow)

[quote=Za3ma]did u know that
Air becomes liquid
ha ? where do u get this from :blink: :rofl:

Did you know that Globalization existed even in 3000 BC

[quote=Za3ma]did u know that
Air becomes liquid
haaaaaahaha i didn’t know that :mdr:


why is it that weird if air becomes liquid :open_mouth: its normal a sat

hahahahhaha looollll good one lalla

duuuuude i know you’re a bit slow, the reason i was laughing is coz EVERYONE knows air becomes liquid, za3ma it was funny, coz its common sense!

loool ok ok sorry

better be.

DID YOU KNOW that if we humans were able to see all the microbes and bacteria around us, we would go crazy and die… true story

yes i know lol

did u know that havin s** just after wakin up in the morning is good for health ???

now i do.

DID YOU KNOW THAT you need to get married ASAP coz this is getting out of hand?

hahhaha yes i know … d3i m3aya 3afak :stuck_out_tongue:

DYKT if u get a shower in friday and wear ur best clothes and put a good perfum and go to the mosque … then listen to the imam carefully and pray … if u do all that ull be rewarded by each step u did to go to the mosque by the 7asanat of a year of fasting and praying … :smiley: ??? ( got it from a 7adith sa7i7 in al bukhari )

didn’t know, but that’s for men i guess, coz women don’t need to go to lmasjid nananananaaa… thanks for sharing zis gud ting… jum3a mubarak btw, here its jum3a

dYkT a smile is considered charity in izzlam?

yeah i know … yes its juma3a here too :smiley: … jumu3a mobaraka for u too

dykt scientists proved that drinkin alcohol isnt tolerated even with small amounts ???

what do you mean ? ya3ni the brain can’t tolerate it? or other ppl?

dykt i have an exam in 2 days and im bumming around

DYKT chocolate is good for your body, minus the calories

I knew that.

Did you know that eatin Chocolate before sleeping causes nightmares ?