Dictionnaire francais tachelhit

Azul - Salam

Today I found a (working) website with a dictionnaire Francais-Tachelhig in the internet.

It is one of the best I came across by now :slight_smile: (Apart from my own more and more growing one of course)

If you feed Google with [color=#2037de]" freelang francais tachelhit"[/color] you should hit the page.

Go a bit down and look for [color=#d7286e]“Nouveau: Interrogez ce dictionnaire en linge !”[/color] written in red - cliquez la - et voila

Ar fllawnt tsellamgh


Azul fllawn

I found another two lexica:

This is an english – tachelhit lexicon and you can also find some fairytales…

www.freewebs.com/tachelhit francais - tachelhit

thlay f rasak

WOW, kazin tanmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt bzaffff :smiley: i will bookmark these right away :wink:

So everybody who likes to join in the tachelhit game can find LOADS of words…:^^: