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ok mad haha be serious! lol :fouet:

dude im serious … i give my point of view and i heard urs … lets wait for the others maybe they have sth interestin

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there’s no right time wrong time, it’s haram fullstop! while trying to kill the enemy, you’re also killing innocent people too… it’s not a muslim thing to do.

allaho akbar … for d first time i feel happy to meet u LA hhhhh

shutup this is not the first time we’re agreeing on something.

really :open_mouth: that means its gonna be d last time :stuck_out_tongue:

probably, i feel sorry for u then

M’kay, so i conclude that you & mad agree that the Palestinian should wait for the stupid idiot arab leaders to find a solution to the Israeli colonisation ?!!!

because Jihad for self defence is HARAM according to your Islam !!!

Back to the subject, we’re not talking about “killing yourself” which is HARAM.
i’m debating sacrificing yourself in the islamic way i.e. die to self-defend…

…so if the enemy brings bombs to kill innocent people…what do u suggest, wait in my place with my weapons, till all my lands & people are gone ???

bro tell me what they achieve by blowing themselves up??? they’re killing more good people than bad, and not only that, they’re provoking the enemy even more, and getting the reputation of savage terrorists worldwide… you might say who cares what the world thinks, but trust me it affects a lot of things, aid for instance, people won’t want to help ppl who are blowing themselves up, not only that, there are so many other things they can do to rise from the oppression, suicide bombing isn’t an answer to ANYTHING, it just makes the situation worse, are palestinians going to get their country back by blowing themselves up??? who would want to lose a loved one in their life?

BTW i’m for a free palestine and iraq and afghanistan and wherever else is occupied in the world, but suicide bombings and terrorism i am against… because i know what’s happening in my country, PKK supporters are blowing up shopping centres and killing villagers… people are losing lives for NO reason… why? coz they want a seperate country, we’ve lived together for centuries, but now they’ve decided they want their own little corner.

themselves AND the enemy.

The reputation is a western media game & everybody knows that, exept some poor isolated westerners. it’s the western media that present the Palestinians as terrorists while they’re screaming for their right of life & their stolen lands…why nobody calls the state of Israel savage terrorists while all acts done by them is actually a savage terrorism…
this is the problem, the media, even “suicide-bombing” is a western-made term, like many other terms & understandings that they relate to our religion, & decided to stick the terrm suicide to Islamic tradition…i reapeat it’s a western media game.

AND the enemy. yes they will.

I don’t agree, sorry.

The media IS a load of crap, I agree on that however I don’t agree with you about there being justifications for suicide bombers… you defend your land without harming innocent people, maaaaan forget people, we can’t even cut trees down in war what you on about… I agree with mini, the situation in Iraq is a good example of what suicide bombings can lead to, and i’m not saying it’s only Muslims’ fault, there’s a lot of zionist conspiracy behind it, however in Palestine and elsewhere… i just find it wrong, coz my deen says do not harm innocent people, fight within the boundaries of laws regarding war…

PB … yes i was joking about my islam stuff … but really killing urself in islam was never considered selfdefense :S
and talkin about palestine im gonna give u the same example : have u ever heard about a ‘‘lebanese’’ (bach matk3ach :smiley: ) blowing himself in the war of janoub lebnan ??? they got back their lands , yes or no ??? ur gonna tell me lebanon is richer than palestine ??? well yes somehow but i assure that there is a loooooooooooooooooooot of money in palestine , il n’est pas bien reparti ? bein oui et ou est le probleme … ca arrive ds tt les pays du monde cela .

so is this debate over then huh?
if yeah lets move on to the next notion of debate! haha

yeah yeah another topic plz mini

okey dokey

The notion of this house is: “Muslim boys have more freedon than Muslim girls”

What are the arguments for this notion and against it?

i dont think that its question of islam … its the traditions … the wrong traditions r giving to the boy more freedom … but in islam we have absolutly the same rights and respo
wa llaho a3lam

@Mad, no one is talkin about how much many there’s in Lebanon or Palestine…it’s not only about who’s rich & who is not, it’s about using what you have, & they have bombs, so what do u think the best use of tjhose bombs if not in war ?

@Mad & L.Aicha, i still don’t see why you insist to talk only about those who blow themselves within other civilans walking in the streets…i’m talkin about war, defence agaisnt the enemy. blood for blood, bombs for bombs, somebody is attacking you & you have the same weapon, do not tell me you won’t use it cuz Islam forbids that, no it doesn’t.
If using a bomb to blow the nemy even if it will take your life is not ok, then carrying the sword & go fight another sword even if u may get slaughtered is not ok either.
In case none of you had noticed, the enemies of Islam had stopped using swords & horses since a looooong age.

It depends on what “freedom” means for each one. the west thinks that sex is a freedom, hence Islam doesn’t give nor the muslim boys neither the muslim girls the freedom they “deserve”.
In the Islamic understandings, both boys & girls have equal freedoms, because the freedom is to be allowed to do sth u need to do, so what is the freedom that muslim girls do not have ? they’re not alowed to go out with short skirts…do they really need to do that ? i believe they don’t…so technically they’re not deprived from sth they need.
Now let’s look at the freedom that boys have, well…we’re allowed to stay out till a late hour & go to clubs & stuff, while girls shouldn’t. so this is a thing in which we supposedly have more freedom than girls. but wait a min !!! who said it’s ok for boys to do that… i don’t believe Islam does !

@ PB
waaaaw ur talkin as if they r inventing bombs in palestine … dude they buy them … when i hear kata2ib l9assam using rockets against israel i dont say oooohhh this is 7aram ; but blowing urself apart from it is retarded its soooo haram for me …
and again im gonna tell u about 7izb llah why the hell they didnt do SB against israel ??? and they won many times …
lets forget about all this … u know that morocco was colonized by france … have ever hear someone from jaych te7rir makin a SB ??? they had bombs though … have u ever heard abdelkrim khattabi askin his friends to blow themselves ??? and who won finally ?? spain ??

sorry mini i know we changed the subject :wink: … wont do it again