Darija learning tips

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Here we can post all tips for learning darija :slight_smile:

1st tip : keep away from Madridista’s darija :smiley:

just remove “'s darija” and this would be the first tip to a happy life :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: seconds & i’ll get a link to post my 1st (and last i hope not) suggestion

H.e.r.e you can search for friends for language exchange, but specifically in that site there is a specific section for Moroccan Arabic.
You can then install skype, open an account, and search for a native moroccan friend to talk with online

Hope that would help nchallah :slight_smile:
(btw, not tried yet by me because my cats bite the mic’s cable :s)

tip : keep away from modern casawi darija, i’m serious. almost 1/3 of what the youth say today is invented.

dude i agree with u … but this is darija too , invented or not , they will hear it in morocco so they must understand it
our job here as natives is to show them the diff between slang and correct darija , but not omitting a whole culture ( casawi darija )

duuuuude :blink: u don’t want a foreign person to talk to his respected people using words like mferwa7 or mfazza3

imagin an english woman telling his Moroccan husband : “wala a l3awd” :^^:

this is why i told u we must show them the diff :smiley:
and if an english woman were in morocco , and someone told her : sata meknili dik twichia
que est ce qu’il va comprendre de ca meskina :s ???
personally i try to speak like this with mom and dad :smiley: they r learnin from me slang , its usefull duuude

i liiiiiiiiike this thread :smiley: ty to geegee, DL and the “tip” advisers :smiley:

btw jiji, be careful with ppl u “befriend” for language purposes, ive met so many creeps like that, just letting u know 7bibti coz you deserve good people :slight_smile:

yeah right, actually most of them ended blocked by me, and about these stuff that require mic I didnt try it yet, but I really should be in full cautious when I use it.
Thanks alot hun :slight_smile:

yeah for example if u meet someone called Madridista in the skype avoid him :smiley: u’ll only hear *** **** ***** ***** ***** **** :smiley:

ok Aicha? “if u meet someone called Madridista in the skype avoid him” :stuck_out_tongue:

noting down tip into notebook

thanks :smiley:

write it down again and again allllllllllllll Over the page :wink: lollll


:stuck_out_tongue: 3a 3in w rassi a bacha

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh makangoloch bacha … kangolo sidi wla moulay wla chef …

pshh hiya masria, rah golt liha “bacha”, machi lik


hahhahahah ok ok ok ya 2abla

now that’s more like it :cool: