Darija Chitchat

ach raykom fe chwya hadra khawya :stuck_out_tongue: benatna b darija, darija 9o7 makynach feha ay logha okhra (as far as we can)*
jatli hadi lfekra (?) fach knt ndwar (?) 3la bnadem bach nhdr m3hom b darija wlakin makynch ay wa7ed
hadchi lelli ky9ro darija, ntom mt3rfoch ach kyt9al mn wrakom :stuck_out_tongue:
Wakha, yalla nbda2 lhadra :smiley:

*Opps! talked in English :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, concentration is on darija that’s why I opened that topic here :slight_smile: [correction of course is needed thus welcomed]

LLah yawddi :slight_smile: tlabtiha rkhisa :ok: jat 3a f lhadra l khawya w l bla bla :^^:

A 3Téééééh (eddiloo) :rofl:

wach ndeer? baghia nhadr b darija
f ach nhdar, syasa! baghi ntsjin (?) :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess there was something (or rather were things) incorrect in my previous darji post :unsure:

[quote=Gretchen]wach ndeer? baghia nhadr b darija
f ach nhdar, syasa! baghi ntsjin (?) :P[/quote]
wach ndeer? baghia nhadr b darija – Berfect!

f ach nhdar, syasa! baghi ntsjin (?) :stuck_out_tongue: - 3layach ghadi nhadrou? Siyasa? Bghitina nemchiw lel7ebs.
Put it in plural.

chokran doudi :slight_smile:
(did u notice that “berfect”? lol)

Ah, rah ana mtab3a ljadid w lqadim fel montada :smiley:

bravo 3liki
nti 7ad9a, (s7?)

We don’t say 3liki, we say 3lik.
It’s 7adga with g.


wakha :slight_smile:

wenty ach l7ale?
ach dyra bl9rya (study?)? zwina?

(ana knhdr s7 awla nskot a7san :s rebbi rebbi!!)

If you were berfect, you wouldn’t need to open this topic. So I will correct you.
Just one remark, I noticed that sometimes you omit vowels where we don’t. But then I also noticed that in your Egyptian transliteration as well, you would omit vowels… I saw other Egyptians do that, so I figured out it was some kind of new transliteration style.

Lmohim, I’ll correct anything I see machi hia hadik (not so correct).
We also say: Lyouma bant lia Gretchen machi hia hadik = Today, Gretchen doesn’t look very fine, could be physically, emotionally, etc. (ka2ennaha metlakhbata)

wenty ach l7ale? – We never say that. This is the very first sentence you should learn: Ki dayra? (f)/ Ki dayr (m)? = How are you?
ach dyra bl9rya (study?)? zwina? - How are you doing with studies? Doing well? = Ki dayra/derti m3a leqraya? Mezian?/Kolshi mezian?
(You wouldn’t qualify mozakra of 7elwa in Egyptian, would you? ;))

(ana knhdr s7 awla nskot a7san :s rebbi rebbi!!) = Wach lhedra diali mqadda awla neskot 7san? = Is what I am saying correct/well put, or should I keep quiet?

Translations are for others to be able to follow up the chat.

rak ghada mzyan, ki3jebni nshof darija dyal lli kyt3almo, kada7ekni shwya w katjini zwina, sewli L.Aicha :slight_smile:

ach l7ale, is a moroccan band, they said they call themselves so because of this so familiar word between ppl…
zwin & mezyan I really get confused between them, i tried to rel8 them to msri but i confused more, to english (mafich fayda too)

it’s sho3or motabadal :stuck_out_tongue: (mnfhmchi lmsri dyalak bzaf, or chwya actually) :stuck_out_tongue:

Nooo, you don’t understand Mahmoud?

Ach l7ale is not used in my world ;).

Mezian = Good.
Zwin = Beautiful.

ara berre3 :smiley: makayn ghir darija :stuck_out_tongue: ana be3da hani 3lmtkom mn daba : ghadi nhder hna ghir darija
100% darija :smiley: w lli mafhemch chi 7aja ghadi nchre7halo b darija aussi :slight_smile:

kndon eny fhemto s7 peut etre
btw, i took a bird’s eye about what u wrote and I’ll read it in details in order not to repeat my mistakes

Mad, akheran elta9yna fe no9ta :d (not sure that was darija or arabic!!) that way is how ppl learn a language…

oh & btw doudi
i know the meaning of these words both, but my confusion is when it comes to use them in a sentence

gouli : ''akhiran taf9na ‘’
wa yeah rah hakak t3elemt ana neglizia … a7san methode hadik

wlakin i get disappointed still every time :@
(how to say that in darija?)

walakin kol merra kanzid ntsdem