Daiana, new member

Hello, my name is Daiana and i’m a new member to… i’m very lost because i want learn tachelhit, how can i do? please help me i don’t understand very well because i’m new on this… sorry my english it’s not good, i’m from uruguay and i talk spanish.
i need learn tachelhit because i have a good friend in morroco and that is his languadge… and i love him :blush: i think he love me too :^^: we talk in english and spanish but i want improve our communication…
Thank you!

Hello Daiana, and welcome to the boards.
I moved your introduction to a new topic just for you :).

We are just starting to have some exercises and discussions about Tashl7it, hopefully there will be more to come. Waiting for that, you can always ask for translations into Tashl7it/Tachelhit, and I’ll be glad to help.

See you around!

Well thank you!! in wich part you have exercises and discussions about Tashl7it? i don’t find it… sorry… and if is possible… how do you say “I love you with all my heart and I will wait for you forever, you are my sun, my world… you are all for me” in Tashl7it?

welcome with us daiana, and i’m sure you gonna find what you are looking for!
enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

Mr7ba bik Daiana ! wow you’re from Uruguay :cool: