Da AlcH£m!$T is here who wanna say hi?

Hey everybody !
First of all I wanna thank my friend madridista who invited me to join u here;) ( Im still wondering if it’s a good idea to join cuz im not used to gifts from him :^^: ) Haha “just kiddin’ mad ;):flag:”

Well, I think that I gotta introduce myself ! let’s start with the basics : My name is Khawla, Im 20 years old, Im from Morocco, I study in preparatory classes of maths and physics ( Maths Spé )… Damn It ! that looks too official ! :lol: Hmmmmmmm what can I add ?
Ahh ! Hobbies :okay: : well, I love music ! Im a huuuge music fan ! all kinda music ( not really all of’em haha) I feel more connected to oriental music, but I also like pop, electronic and some rock ! I love that guy from American Idol if you do watch It : Adam Lambert ! I just find him perfect !
I also like philosophy ( Freud, Neitzsche, Marx are my favorite ) Sociology, some politics… well It’s enough for today ( don’t worry im not plainning to post my biography here haha ) Hopefully I’ll catch up with you soon and we’ll get to know more about each other.

in the end I wanna say that Im basically here to make new friends and to practice my english, just to make you know, my english is still not good and I’de like to improve especially my grammar and my writting skills so feel free to help me correct my mistakes :wink:

I think that some of you are already wondering : when the hell is she gonna stop? :cry:
Well! just don’t worry… here I am saying : Goodbye ! and… wish to read your feedback soon :wink:

[quote=alchemistlady]Hey everybody !
First of all I wanna thank my friend madridista who invited me to join u here;) ( Im still wondering if it’s a good idea to join cuz im not used to gifts from him :^^: ) Haha “just kiddin’ mad ;):flag:”[/quote]
hahahahha yeah mwelfa only bad surprises from me loooolllll … dont worry this time , u’ll enjoy SM im sure of that
by the way u forgot to say that ur fan of REAL MADRID too :stuck_out_tongue: and this sunday we r gonna beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat them :smiley:

welcooome DA ALCHEMIST, Maths and Physics? ayyyyyyyyhh my worst subjects in high school, though i was good at them i HATEDDDD both the subject and the teachers, hamdulillah i don’t study them anymore :smiley:

You made a good choice by signing up to the forum :wink: hopefully we can be helpful to you and you can be helpful to us :smiley: mr7ba bik once again and have a great time with us… + don’t ever think we’ll tell u to shut up already!!! we love talking a lot too… so you’ll feel at home =)


I hate it, i just cant gt my head round it :cry:
anywyans i see Mads brought another member on board so welcome :bye:
and hope u have fun around and get to practice ur English (which is btw very good :smiley: )

tbarkellah 3la lalla Khawla, w mer7ba bik m3ana.

Also, tbarkellah 3la khoya Mad, the one who brings new blood to the veins of the forum :wink:

hope that you’ll enjoy your stay here - which I hope will be long -, and that you’ll become an active member, as active as ME or as active as Mad ga3 yallah…

listen, I could beat up your post and keep typing, and typing, and typing… walakin 7chamt for a first contact lollll baqi l2ayamma inchallah baynana f lforum, w arak lelqsara :wink:

see ya around

Weelcomez alchemistlady :), you came to the right place! Please feel free to enjoy your time here & have a good one xD

Another of Madi’s friends ;p how come you don’t invite your guy friends too, we need a few of them :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahahahahha duuude i invited one but he is lost loooolll he didnt find the way to the new members section :d

Hahaha maan that’s too bad =( was he high or something?

looooooolll i guess so :smiley:

welcome 2 da alchemist, you dont already get enough mad in your real life now you wanna read him all day too? lol

duuuuude she knows i’ll die one day and she wont find someone like me :smiley: … il faut profiter monsieur :stuck_out_tongue:

jjjjjjjjjjjj yeah thats like me…i archive all your posts and save them for posterity so one day i can write the book of MAD

duuuude u must pay me the copyrights from now :stuck_out_tongue: … after my death u’ll have to deal with MAD junior :no: i dont advise u

oww noo pay him now .yeah do it :ok:

ajiiiiiiiiiw lhna !!! It seems that nobody gives a crap about me here !!! u r all talking to mad :huh: I feel rejected :cry: I feel ignored :cry: waaaaaaaaaaa3 :cry::cry:
Mad tankarhaak tankarhak tankarhaaaaaaak :gun:

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hana m3ak safi maybghach fik l7al
iwa labas 3lik?? ana samia

hahahaha :smiley: merci khti samia lehla ykhatik :smiley: ^^

marhbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa khawlita

jaya men taraf mad???
bagha ta3amoul behal dyal mad oula chekal akhour?

mad hir tayakoul le3sa hena

wa douzi douzi
3tallah topics
w diri mahallak bach njiw 3andek

ana za3ma ana
min ghayri ana
fel forum 3andou 3youn helwiiiiiiiiiiiiin

merci hbiba hta nti amiiiiin

loooooooollll khawla rjou3 llah :smiley:

za3ma :open_mouth: ana kanakol l3sa ??? lol makatmerguich :smiley: man3ref chkon lli mkheli lbab me7loul ana wla nti hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh