converting to islam

my simple question is: once you’ve decided to convert to islam,what would you do to make it become official? i hope first you have to do a little time of study about quraan,traditions etc…
but then? is there a official ceremony,like christian baptism? or another kind of ceremony to make your conversion official…

thank youuu

Reminds me of Khalid Yassin when he converted 20 Aussie & said to them “now we don’t have a pool for you in the back side to jump into”, anyway…

Once you’re fully convinced with the teachings of Islam, you are actually a muslim, i.e once you realize that Allah is one & Mohammad was his servant & final messenger to the world, you’ve technically become a “muslim” <— which literally means “submitting”, & then you have to confirm this submission officially by declaring/saying : " i bear witness that there’s no god but Allah, & i bear witness that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah "
No ceremony needed, unless you feel like celebrating…

In Morocco, usually people comes to a mosque & declare their “shahada” infront of people so they can be witnesses for them on the judgement day, & the people celebrate the new convert by saying “Allah Akbar” 3 times (this is Islamic tradition not Moroccan invention)
After that, the Imam asks the new convert infront of people : “what new name will you choose?” & this is not an obligation, i mean it’s common & normal to answer by “i haven’t decided yet”

After converting, the following steps are recommanded:

  • reading the detailed biography of Mohammad : “you don’t put pure water into a dirty pipe & expect it to come out pure from the other side, this pure religion must have come through that pure man” - Yusha Evans (a convert)

  • The Shahada was the first pillar of Islam, the second is prayer & it needs ablution, it’s the principal mean of the special personal relationship with Allah, so it has to be learned.

spot on PB!! :okay:

thank you so much PB this helped me a lot,i didn’t know about choosing a new name…since it’s not an obligation…the new name wouldn’t be recorded in documents or it would in religious ones?

Changing the name is not an obligation in Islam, but people usually love to express their thanks to Allah by chosing an apropriate name such as Abdulhadi (servant of the guide) because he guided them to Islam & “the guide” is one of his 99 names, Abdurraheem (servant of the merciful) because he bestowed his mercy on them & it’s also one of the names…Abdullah (servant of Allah), Abdulwahid (servant of the one God)…& so on, otherwise they choose other names of prophets, u got for example Cat Stevens became Yusuf Islam cuz he loved the Quranic story of prophet Joseph, & David Wharnsby became Dawud Wharnsby Ali, he chose the Arabic name of prophet David besides Ali, Muhamad’s cousin & son in law.

I don’t know what do u mean by religious documents, but if you’re willing to change your name it has to be changed in all your documents, u can’t tell people hey i’m Fatima while your ID says Sarah.
Speakin of which, we Muslims believe that Sarah was Abraham’s respected wife the mother of Isaac the father of Jacob the father of all the holy prophets of the Israelites whom we love & respect…so your name isn’t a problem.

thank you so much…and i also love the name Ibrahim or Abraham… now it’s much more clear about new names…i fell into this doubt when thinking about famous people converted to islam…i heard them be called both ways,but much with pre-convers. name…
:smiley: thanks PB

i agree, sarah is an islamic name anyway, and a beautiful one btw, i have many muslim friends with that name :slight_smile:

and congrats on your decision hun, may your life be blessed with the beauty and noor of Islam inshaAllah :smiley:

inshaAllah… ilike your emoticon,your writing…your you understood!!! brunettes really make better serial killer… XD

:smiley: thank you!! i believe your siggy is from fnaire’s song rightttt? i love themmm


pb, u witnessed a conversion “party” before???

achmin, hadari min taqlid

sarah, mebark o mas3od
basically u don’t need to do anything official
it’s all in ur heart
it’s the essence of islam

yes,i do agree with you za3ma,i already felt the sensation that islam is my religion,that it would be my future,my life-long belief.
but it’s just to make it official for all the people,as i’m getting a bit frightened of when people talk to me and they don’t believe i’m muslim… :huh:

ach what’s so funny?

za3ma what’s wrong with a conversion party?

sarah, welcome to da club benty :smiley:

PB, stop confusing za3ma

LA, mind your own business

You mean like “how could you/why would you leave Jesus for those terrorists” ?!

I still don’t think you should do anything special, i mean like getting into somewhere & saying, hey guys i’m a muslim, instead of hey guys how’ve u been…or sth…
It’s a matter of practice, u practice your own normal daily life which will include from now on some islamic practices, & then when the time comes & they say: “what are u doing ?” u say “i’m getting ready to pray, anything i can do for you ?!”

@Za3ma, they’re not parties, it coincides with me going to pray 3isha at night to find someone who wanna declare their faith infront of us…

no no…not that kind…mostly i’m speakin about moroccans :smiley: ,when we get to know each other,they seem not to trust my simple declaration…and i’m not anyway showing off my belief,screaming out i’m muslim,i mean just to respect other people.

there’s nothing unbelievable about it, why do they get so suspicious :roll: just be yourself and be honest, there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of or worried about :wink: if they don’t believe it it’s their problem :slight_smile:

Exactly if they don’t believe u they’re just being stubborn :S

@ mini and lalla Aicha :^^: :mdr: baraka Allahu fiikoum gals :^^:

I don’t mean to insult, but if they see you with tied jeans & similar nonmodest cloths you’re making it a lil hard for them to believe you’re a Muslim…

Otherwise, most Moroccans have no idea that their religion reached the 4 points of the globe & its the fastest growing one, so if they see u with blonde hair (?) & white skin (?) & talking a foreign language but you’re a muslim…that’s also unusual for them.
I don’t mean to judge u from how u look (i don’t even know how u look), but even some girls here in Morocco “supposedly” muslims gives us an impression that they’re not !!

Other-otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: if they’re not convinced you’re a muslim you keep discussing with them & the much knowledge u show about your religion the more they believe u worship same Lord as they do :ok:


it’s a step by step process