Congratulations !


Hi friends :hah:

Here we can post our congratulations to each other. No matter what it is - Birthday, New Year’s Day, some religious holyday or even usual day when you want to say smth special for someone :clap:

Just plz no talkings about other things … You know our tradition to start from food and finish by flight to the moon :wink:

Just congratulations and nice wishes here. Thanks !

And the first one from me:

Happy Halloween !!! :devil:

Boo day lol

happy halloween :slight_smile: touta

hate halloween lol

Hey, today is a 1 of November :wink:

It’s a beginning of new month lol

So may this one will be better than previous :ok:

May every moment of everybody’s life bring many reasons to smile :wink:

Cheers !!!

touta, a new month tells us we’re 1 month closer to death :frowning:

Here’s a quote from a VERY respected friend of mine:

~ We only have one life, so let’s live it correctly ~

[color=#E9153F]Pinch[/color] [color=#1D0AF4]punch[/color] first day of the month everyone :smiley:

Well well well :slight_smile:

The 4th of November - Unity Day in Russia !

It’s a holiday ! No need to go to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Russia’s Unity Day :slight_smile:

November the 1st was an important day for Algeria :ok: It was the day of their insurrection, when they opposed to French colonialization… i know im 3 days late, but novembre 1 mabroukkkk everyone :smiley:

Better late than never :wink:

Happy UD, Russia :).

Coming next: November 6th, the Green March Anniversary for Morocco.

and Nov 18th is Morocco Independence day… right?

Yes it is.

Ah… I have heard and read about this before :slight_smile: It was smth great … March in the desert as far as I remember…

Yes Touta, that was it. A peaceful march to regain the Morocco Sahara.

6 of November - Green March Day in Morocco :wink:

Al MASIRA AL KHADRA ! :smiley:

Merry Green March Memorial every Moro

:ma: :dance: :rap: :za:

ey yo yo…it’s the independence day, Nov18th :ok:

:ma: :dance: :rap: :za:

weeeee, very imbortant day in history. mbrouuuuk 3la koll mgharba

Have a happy independence day Moroccans :slight_smile: