Wa7ed nnhar, je7a med-lu baba-h frank, bash yechri buzelluf. shra-h, kla ge3 le7m-u. bqa ghir le3Dam,
jab-u l baba-h. ki shaf-u qal-lu: “weshnu hada?” qal-lu: “buzelluf”.

-A SHmata, win ra7um wedni-h?

-Kan Trech.

-Win ra7um 3ini-h?

-Kan 3wer.

-Win ra7 lsan-u?

-Kan 3eggun.

-U jeldet ras-u, win rahi?

-Kan ferTas.


ShTeeTHa Bouzellouf is a famous North African dish, especially during Ramadan
If someone knows anything about it please tell us :smiley:

nice oneee :wink:

isn’t it sheep’s head ??
mmmm i’ll google this :wink:

nice oneee ;)[/quote]
:lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=tukha]isn’t it sheep’s head ??
mmmm i’ll google this ;)[/quote]
Yes I think it’s sheep’s head

I googled “???” and found an algerian dish called shTeeTHa bouzzellouf

I’ll fix the name… :wink:

mmmmmm i just read the recipe
LOLOL :stuck_out_tongue:
we have a dish in iraq which is also sheep’s head … called ‘paacha’ they eat the tongue and brains etc … i tried it once EWWWW never again !! i wonder what bouzellouf is like though hehe
anyhow, funny joke LOL :wink:

tukha, ur Iraqiiii , thats soo cooool… I have iraqi friends!!
Shakoo makoo :smiley:

hahaa yep i amm
makoo shey, 3einy :P:P
it’s cool that YOU’RE moroccan LOL !!
how are you doinggg ??

From the vocabulary, you can tell the story isn’t in Darija, but very similar to it. The words that mainly stand out are bouzellouf and fartas.
Moroccans use every single part of a sheep, so yes, the head is included. Some families have the habit of eating it first thing in l3id lkbir (3id l2ad7a). I don’t even like the sight of it :unsure:.

this is in kabyle algerian :smiley:

AND YEAH … in the iraqi paacha, i’ve had it once [by ‘had it’, i mean ‘had it laid down in front of me but chose to eat salad instead, or the NORMAL parts of the meat that everyone eats’ … not ‘ate it’] :wink: but yeah, they have everything … :blink:

Oh no, that’s not Kabyle. You wouldn’t understand a word of Kabyle, as an Arabic speaker. Kabyle is the equivalent of Tamazight in Morocco. Similarly, if I speak my Berber dialect (tashl7it) to you, there are small chances that you understand what’s said.

i know :slight_smile: i know what kabyle is, etc
but when i found that story, it said ‘this is an extract from a kabyle algerian story-book’
i guess the source was wrong :blink:
i LOVE tashl7it … but again, i don’t understand it :lol:
maybe after darija … :wink:

my mistake … i just checked back, it was TRANSLATED from kabyle :blush:
it is algerian :slight_smile:

I just thought I’d clarify things. I don’t underestimate your tamghribit (Moroccanity, said in Berber :D, with the T at the beginning and the end of the word).
The source probably just meant where the story came from… before translation ;).

Right, thought so too :).

LOL sorry about that, my fault !! :slight_smile:
my tamghribit is very small << BUT LOOK I KNOW SOME BERBER NOW :hap:



woooooooow…i really like the word TAMAGHRIBIT…it looks funny…:mdr: :hap: shukran b had l kelma a SM…(is it all right? ihihi)

We say “shukran 3la something”, not “shukran b something”.
You sentence is good :). Well done. Good use of “a” to address a person. I can see that you are paying attention to details, a Sarahzina ;).